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Remember Alternative 3 ?

Introduction by Newsmedianews editor Keith Harris
During the 70s I found a Sphere paperback copy of a book called Alternative 3 on a library shelf in London. The book’s intriguing cover drew me to examine it and on reading the classification and an introductory note that referred to the book being fact and not fiction and something of a furore in the clasification process itself, I was hooked enough to read it.

Conspiracy theories abound by the million on this planet. Many of them are simply dreamed up by those who don't have to work hard for their food. If you arrived at this page from the link, you might begin to grasp that fact.
Alternative 3 postulated that an international end of the world plan had been secretly formed and humans were colonizing other planets - only the chosen elite being allowed to go whilst others were turned into lobotomised human slaves to work in the colonies.
Some of the eerie information contained in Alternative 3 however was reminiscent of that within the pages of Duncan Lunan’s cosmic thriller, Man and The Stars, which has a potted look at the evolution of life on earth and then has its second section dedicated to the NASA translation of a recording captured by a Scandinavian space observatory in the early days of radio telescopes.
Lunan claimed that insufficient technology and scientific existed at the time to properly understand or ‘translate’ the mysterious, repetitive signals chanced upon by the radio telescope and after much recording the signal was simply put down to natural space ‘noise’, thought to be a pulsar or quasar.