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In New Zealand, located at the top of the mid-foreground buff, Hover to zoom

And in Antarctica


See the current HQ in the UK

The editor doesn't understand - the girls laugh. Note the screen tan obtained through many hours before a monitor.


The Newsmedianews dark room. Unfortunately this was housed in a separate complex not by the Limerick waterfront.


The rear of the Newsmedianews complex - relaying information to the six continents....

Such is the progress of modern technology that the whole of the automated Newsmedianews international operation was co-ordinated by just one man housed in the hi-tec complex.

"It's fascinating work, but tea breaks are a bit lonesome since the tea girl left out of boredom," he said.

Happily he is stil employed at the complex although Newsmedianews is now based in the UK.





Newsmedianews, Limerick, Ireland.

From here news and information was beamed out to the world and beyond.

Newsmedianews was housed in a listed complex and enjoyed a prominent location in the centre of Limerick city before moving to Braintree in Essex, England.

Editorial was on the top floor.




Taken from the entrance to Limerick railway station, the picture on the right shows that visitors to the city would have had no difficulty in locating Newsmedianews, located under the mast – the most prominent skyline feature visible from the station entrance, also pictured immediately below.





Left - the Newsmedianews recording studio

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