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archived on Monday, 15 August, 2016

American politics—and Chelsea Manning
As you read this on the screen before you, the United States of America is once again making itself the buffoon of the world with its idiotic, insincere and insane political madness.
  At the very same time a concientious American citizen is being subjugated to imprisonment for the crime of speaking out and exposing the dark reality of American corruption.
  Chelsea (Bradley) Manning is serving a 35-year jail sentence for telling the public exactly what their Government was doing and didn't wish to tell them it was doing.
  And while she is serving that wholly unjust and unjustifiable sentence, the American political buffoons are running around shrieking the parrot calls of freedom and how great and mighty and right the USA is.
  The only mistake Manning made was to perhaps fail to realise or to not take fully on board just how evil the people behind the American authoritarian regime then and now really were, and are.
  It is a country that permits the prosecution of people for collecting rainwater for home use.
  There are those who know, and those who don't. Those who do will forever know that America—a land populated by those who followed in the footsteps of their forerunners and stole the homes of millions of native Americans—those who do will not forget that the so-called land of freedom is nothing more than a plutocracy inhabited by more than 300 million subservient victims of insane, runaway authority and brain dead bullies.
  And it currently has at least one unstable, psychotic individual in the running as a presidential candidate.

archived on Wednesday, 2 March, 2016

Terrorism and the Enemy Without
errorism is not the common enemy of the people of the world. It is a symptom born of inequality. Fighting terrorism by military means will do nothing to address the root cause and will result in the deaths of many innocent people and will do plenty to shatter societies.
  It will never be easy to view the realities of our world after such monstrous acts that have now taken place in Beirut, Lebanon and in Paris, France—acts that engender pain, suffering, anger and confusion.
  We have just one world in which we all live, and yet for their own benefits nations plunder other nations for their resources with scant regard for the effect of those actions on the plundered.
  To ignore the underlying dissatisfaction and cause of terrorism is to don blinkers and pretend that all is fine on the road ahead.
  Enforced inequality will never produce global harmony. Tackling inequality head on is the only way forwards towards any true peace.
  By proper means, those responsible for carrying out acts of terrorism should be brought to justice through the national and international courts of the world—not through military retaliation, a course that serves only to enlarge and entrench warfare in the world.
  And, as in any just trial, the root cause should be fully and openly exposed.

archived on Saturday, 14 November, 2015

Just what IS going on in Britain?

hen the government of your country holds a conference behind a steel fence and barbed wire and positions snipers on rooftops while discussing policies that directly affect and impinge upon its electorate, you know that something is terribly, terribly wrong. Yet this is exactly what has now taken place in Manchester, England.
  The present UK Conservative  government came into office through a manipulated and corrupt voting system and its outcome. No political party can hold any moral or legal right to govern after collecting just 30.4% of the total vote, no matter what baloney explanations are put forward.
  The present government claims to uphold ‘transparency’ and yet flatly refused to provide statistics showing the number of deaths attributed to ‘fit for work’ benefits cuts, even after over 200,000 signed a petition calling for the release of the figures.
   It is perhaps time to take a cold, hard look at just what is happening in England.


Slaves to Society?
Are we busy producing societies of robopeople around our world?
  Countries have their own national education curriculums and standards in place to educate their young. But to what end are they being educated?
  It is reasonable to suppose that the motives behind the development of state educational systems were pure and good and were set in motion for the benefit of those being taught and for society as a whole.
  Reasonable, but not written in stone and nothing should be taken for granted, leastwise the truth of history as we are taught it.
  Whatever the reality of the background to state education, its present focus has drifted far from the benefits to the individual and now appears to serve to produce ‘productive’ and ‘contributing’ members of society.
  In some countries it is a criminal offence not to send your children to school. This begs the question—why?
  With the bulk of history written by and mostly to suit the winners of armed conflict, just where is the moralistic high ground of state-provided education and acadaemia?
  State education is not free. There may not be a fee to attend state school, but it robs young people of many years of their lives by brainwashing them with ideas and knoweldge that someoe else has decided they should know. And there lies the problem of motive in societies being increasingly dominated by coroporate and war making profit machines.


The insanity of war
Even as I write this item people are unnecessarily dying around our world from hunger, untreated ill health and other poverty related causes.
 Innocent people are being murdered by armed conflict—deaths that are glossed over as ‘collateral damage’ of war and with no-one held to account for the killings.
  Such armed conflict is at the root of all of worldwide poverty, with the only benefits going to the manufacturers of materials used to maintain wars and those who are responsible for initiating such wars together with those with fingers in the killing machine pie.
  Unimaginable amounts of money are now being spent on military activity around the world, This money, if redirected away from the pockets of the selfishly misdirected, could amply ease, if not cure, the ailments suffered by millions through global poverty—poverty perpetuated as a direct result of international conflict.
  Is this the world you want to live in and bequeath to your children and children’s children?
  If not, please ask yourself what you are doing about it.
  To state that it is just the way things are and it cannot be changed is to give in to your own negativity.
  If you remain content to do or say nothing at all, then you are as much a part of the problem as those perpetuating war in the world.
  To take a stand against the atrocities being currently forced upon people around the world is no easy task. You must first break free of the box
—the mental chains thrust upon you by the world that you have grown up in—a world that is now run by groups of individuals who consider that war is okay, because it suits their profits mentalities.
To live your life without real concern to act against the hell forced upon millions is simply to be a part of that sickness.
In the end, it is up to you.

archived on Monday, 22 April, 2013

Thatcher—Where values are corrupted by bigotry
There is something deeply revolting in the media and government spin about Margaret Thatcher and 'Thatcherism'. For every single comment granting praise to the late former prime minister, I for one have read at least 50 of a completely opposing view.
  Thatcherism decapitated England as a society and  did nothing more than expand the gulf between the wealthy 'ruling class' and the average man and woman. Those who fondle the ill-acquired wealth in their bank accounts will of course continue to lavish praise on a politician who made such anti-social greed-mongering possible.
  If a dozen people step forwards and state that Margaret Thatcher embodied the face of corrupt anti-socialism and one person claims the opposite, where then is the actual sense in denigrating the 10 in favour of the one?
  Such behaviour is an attempt by those entrenched in their own pre-conceived idea of what should be according to them and is in no manner coherent with reality.
  That reality will of course  be told by the masses and by history itself and not by the minority, which is exactly what we have been seeing take place across the whole of the UK in recent days.
  To grant the honour of a state funeral with all its trappings to such a belligerent leader is itself a corruption of values.

Who is the ogre on the beach?
So here we are, a little over three months into 2013 and we are seeing the insanity of an exchange of almost casual references to thermo-nuclear war.
  We are leaving it seems an incredibly dumb legacy of our journey through space and time on planet Earth. A species which has to date made no confirmed discovery of, or contact with, any extraterrestrial beings is writing its record on the pages of cosmic history as one that has constantly waged war against its own kind
  It is also becoming historical fact that the United States of America has waged more wars and interfered with the internal business of others more than any other nation or regime in history. The present situation between the US and North Korea stems implicitly from the foreign policy that has been adhered to by the United Stated for decades.

archived on Friday, 12 April, 2013

Bradley Manning—when silence speaks louder than words
On Monday, 25 March 2013, whistleblower Bradley Manning was again nominated to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. The nomination, though just one of many, is significant for many different reasons but one issue related to it is extremely significant—the absolute silence of the mainstream media on the nomination.
  Manning, the US soldier responsible for leaking classified military information to WikiLeaks, has been held in captivity in the United States for over 1,000 days. Even before he was charged with committing any alleged offence, US President Obama publicly implied his guilt.
  The nomination has the potential to invoke a huge impact on the world in which we live today and on the continuing erosion of human rights by militaristic war mongering politicians and their corporate sponsors.
  If a pop star, or even an unemployed gardener had been nominated to receive the Nobel Prize, would not practically every major newspaper and television station around the globe report on the nomination?
  Why then has there been absolute silence on the issue by the bulk of the mainstream media? Is somebody pulling their strings?
  As editor of this website and a former chief reporter whose work was regularly part of the national newspaper and TV news reports in the UK, on Monday I emailed several mainstream news organisations in the UK with the question of why I could see no reports from them relating to the nomination. I referred them to the website which is carrying a petition backing the nomination.
  Twenty-four hours later and I have not even received an acknowledgement from any of the recipients. There are those whose thinking is so mired and entrenched by indoctrination that they still regard Manning as a 'traitor'. And there are those who consciously, deliberately and with wholly misguided intent shun the truth in order to maintain the status quo.
  This is surely an occasion where their silence speaks so much louder than any words

Background information on Bradley Manning be found at

archived on Monday, 18 February, 2013

Europe’s “troika dictators” & Ireland’s “servile coalition”
ccess to clean water and  a roof over your head, or a home, are or should be considered as essential human rights in any considerate and caring society. That was in fact so until the advent of unbridled corporate power and the creep of unckecked corruption and greed began to relentlessly decimate the cherished values that form the bedrock to a cohesive social structure.
   Now, to appease the rampant speculation and gambling of greed-driven financial institutions that dominate the pinnacle of corrupt social power and to protect their own fingers in the pies of wealth, Ireland's government is to impose crippling taxation on home ownership and on access to clean water.  This week, those responsible for introducing such obscene measures in Ireland were dubbed as Europe’s ‘troika dictators’ and Ireland’s ‘servile coalition government’ by United Left Alliance politician Joan Collins.
  Crippling not to those who are calling for and who are imposing such measure on the population—the Irish government has steadfastly refused to turn the screws of State taxation on the wealthy by drawing a fair share of national support from them. Instead it has consistently ravaged the lot of the common men and women by increasing every form of taxation and drastically lowering incomes while crowing over the success of their ‘austerity’ programme.
  Sure, the wealthy will be called upon to pay the household and the water taxes and other taxes, but it will not have the impact upon them as it has on the less well off, and especially upon those who are considered by all as the ‘most vulnerable’ in society. Instead Ireland’s government has decided that such less fortunate are fair and easy targets to rape.
  It matters for nothing how the government attempts to justify its actions for its actions speak much louder and clearer than any propaganda it may roll out.

  What we are in fact seeing is the initial breakdown of social and moral order and respect. Behind that social and moral order stand the members of the country’s armed forces and arned police who will no doubt be asked by the troika and the service coalition to turn their weapons upon their own people should those ‘running’ the country consider they have stepped out of line. 
  When that day arrives, just who will be saying C'est La Vie?

archived on Thursday, 31 January, 2013

Your World, Their World, Our World
With the slow but continuing decline in the influence of religious and church driven indoctrination and repression, State induced fear, guilt, paranoia—and of late, poverty, have become the openly deployed tools of social control.
  Given that from birth we all pass through a State imposed system of brainwashing which includes as we grow older State-determined compulsory education, it is surprisingly easy to deploy such measures of control while at the same time convincing those subjected to it that it is necessary and for their own good.
  Any political structure within a profit driven society is inherently wide open to corruption and this is evinced by modern-day corporate power and leverage.
  The present ‘austerity’ budgets and resultant reduced quality of life being forced on a massive scale upon people as a means to restore financial ‘stability’ and clear national ‘debt’ make no sense morally, financially or practically as the very issues they are meant to address are false.
  Yet somehow down the centuries that very falseness has been given the illusory foundation of solidity and of being a necessary component of life and now, almost en masse, the human race gives daily homage to that false idol. And now people are being forced to endure living hardships as a result.
  If everyone was rich, money would become worthless. If everyone was poor then money would likewise lose all value.
  So why do we continue to live life around money? Well, because some want it that way. And who are the some?
  They are the ones who have sold their souls to the transitory value of money. They include the big and the lesser corporate kingpins who, regardless of any investment, broaden their personal fortunes off the labour of their workers and have no wish to see the status quo change.
It is profiteering from a legalised slavery that masquerades behind a polished veneer of rightfulness.
  Yet how might it be changed? There are enough resources in this world for everyone to have a comfortable standard of living. If we were a truly caring species, the well being and comfort of everyone would be a social and political priority.
  The most precious thing any of us have in life is time. Life passing is time passing and time passing is life passing.
  No matter how well off we could be, there will always be work and jobs that need doing within the social structure to provide the goods and services required across society. Those who give their most precious commodity to deliver such resources—their time—should therefore be rewarded accordingly, no matter what their tasks might be.
  As long as the focus is on profit and not on the welfare of people, such a reality can never be.

archived on Sunday, 9 December, 2012

Your world, as it is
There is a deeply disturbing situation alive in the world today. But few seem all but inadvertently concerned about it.
  It should be obvious to the thinking person that governments seem to be declaring war on the serfs in their unbridled greed for corporate-driven financial allegiance.

  Such 'government' then has the audacity to deploy forceful resistance to public protest, in addition to denigrating, arresting and labeling protestors as 'criminal' and 'anti-social'.   All this is done under the great lie of the 'common good' and 'law and order'.
  Such 'governments' no longer listen to or heed the voice of the electorates. Instead they adopt the position that they know what is best and instruct the general public along such lines. Resistance to such 'authority' is considered an affront and is suppressed and punished. The right of citizens to freely non-violently oppose and protest government action has all but been wiped from the slate. But winning the electoral vote is no green light to ignore the will of those casting their electoral decision.
  There can be no freedom without struggle until the ability to deliberately manipulate and use the lives and freedoms of other for extortionate purpose is removed from those who practice such extortion.
  That is the reality in the world of people today.
  You need to do more than surf in the slipstream of others to embrace and stand up for freedom. You need a certain sense of brave adventure and fairness, hand in hand with reasoned determination, self-responsibility, and more.
  You need to knock down the self-erected pedestal from which you look down on those who you consider lesser mortals than your own self.
  And you need to quit looking at others as stepping stones to your own self-conceived requirements.
  As an example, peruse the following comments from elected EU ministers.
  "It is true that most people have not yet come across the terms ´Connected TV
’ or ‘Smart TV’, but I am certain that one of the contributions of this Conference will be the familiarization of citizens with what is involved and what the implications of this new concept would be in their daily life.
  “‘Converged or Connected TV', which incorporates broadcast, pay-tv services, including video-on-demand as well as open internet services, is considered to be closer to a TV-like experience. Audiences, therefore, expect content over these devices to be more regulated than Internet content accessed through their PCs and laptops.
  "Indeed, from the debate so far among European regulatory authorities, Connected TV services are considered to be ‘TV-like experiences’ and as such there seems to be a broad consensus that they should be subjected to a higher degree of regulation than Internet content access through a PC."
Do you see any reference here to the will of the people? What you do see, if you take the time to look, is reference to those who consider themselves authorised to speak on behalf of the people—even if it is against the will of those people.
  This is your world—as it is being imposed on you. What you do about it is up to you, and you alone.

archived on Monday, 3 December, 2012

Israel and the west's shame
As most western and pro-establishment news outlets report on the Israeli violence against Gaza, an Israeli publication has openly called for the complete 'destruction' and 'levelling' of Gaza.
  This comes from a news organisation in israel, a country that invaded Gaza by military force and which has continue to impose severe hardships on the population of Gaza.
  Until the UN and the rest of the world grant Gaza international status as a nation and Israel withdraws its persecution ofthose imprisoned on the strip, all that remains is for Israel and the west to hang their heads in utter shame.

archived on Tuesday, 20 November, 2012

Ireland’s Obscene ‘Government
he Children's Referendum is to go ahead tomorrow, 10 November, as if nothing is wrong despite the referendum being pronounced 'unlawful' this week by Ireland's Supreme Court. The judgement of the court said that the government acted unlawfully in using public funds to fund a 'Yes' campaign, prejudicing any voting and compromising the lawfully required impartiality of the referendum.
  The judgement ruled "that the Government acted "wrongfully" in spending public money on a website, booklet, and advertisements on the children’s referendum "in a manner which was not fair, equal or impartial".
  In pressing ahead regardless of judgement passed by those tasked with upholding the law, in this case the highest judges in the land, the Irish government is showing how it blatantly disregards anything and anyone in favour of its own desires.
  The behaviour issimilar to the Lisbon Treaty referendum which when rejected by the vote of the people was pushed straight back at them by the government who wanted a Yes vote.

archived on Fri, 9 November, 2012

A World Without Care
n the mayhem of today's world it  is easy to forget that there are people who care. Such forgetfulness is a slippery slope into the mouth of the abyss.
  When times get tough, it is worth pausing to remind yourself that, yes, there are people who care. It might not make the mayhem go away but it will keep the clock ticking.
  Of course on the other side are those who remain mired in the better grip of ignorance. That is the way of the world as it is. As it is is the way we have made it. Loss of focus can lead to loss of care.
  Perhaps that is why it is worth reminding ourselves that, yes, there are people who care.

Yes Minister Campaign—or the facts?
Irish Taioseach
Edna Kenny has launched a 'Yes' campaign urging the elctorate to support the Government by passing the Children's Referendum.
  But do we need yet another campaign designed to persuade voters into a particular direction? How many know and fully understand what the Children's Referendum is? Surely it would be better to present the electorate with the full facts of this issue along with a factual presentation of the impact of a positive or a negative vote?
  Travelling about the State pushing for a yes vote is no more than an attempt at telling people what is good and what is not good, according to the viewpoint of an individual.
  As the referendum approaches, greater emphasis is being placed on voting in a particular way by, not only elected representatives, but as of late ICTU has decided to push for a particular vote.
  This is not putting any respect forwards for those who are being asked to make a decision on an important issue.

archived on Mon, 15 October, 2012

Domestic Water Charges
It remains an uncontested fact that adequately funding leakage repairs throughout the existing national Irish water supply networks will be far more cost effective in the long term as regards the affordable provision of domestic water supplies —something already paid for through national income tax. However it will be far less profitable.
  Whatever explanation is put forward for the imposition of domestic water charges is of no real consequence. The imposition of such charges is simply the commercial exploitation of an essential commodity of life.
  Households do not profit from using water. By all means, impose charges on the commercial use of water by industry and other profit-based operations.
  Imposing an additional tax on domestic water supplies is an obscene backward step into the dark ages of feudal and robber barons.

archived on Sat, 21 April, 2012

Are you a human or an ostrich?
As another year of persistent bullying of general populations by elected and non-elected ‘officials’ throughout the developed world draws to a close, it is perhaps a good time to ask yourself–are you a human or an ostrich?
   It is not such a ridiculous question as it first appears. It was once thought that ostriches bury their heads in the sand to hide from danger. As relevant as such behaviour is to this article, it is incorrect, as ostriches bury their heads to swallow grit and pebbles necessary for their digestion. And yet humans now seem to be acting like the proverbial ostriches of earlier belief, believing that if they ignore danger it cannot harm them.
   Many individuals that I have spoken with over the past year–and many more that I have not–continue to delude themselves that what their government is doing is not really their concern and that is does not harm them. And yet more unbelievably, many delude themselves into believing that they must simply put on a stiff upper lip and accept what is taking place with stoic indifference.
  While millions of us are forced into poverty, depression and even suicide by governments intent on squeezing their electorate through so-called ‘austerity budgets’ designed to recover the finances squandered by the elite golden circle of bankers, financiers and politicians; the same crooked elements continue to go scott free of the repercussions of the damage they have caused and remain largely unaffected by the measures taken against the populace.
  Those very same elite golden circle parasites continue to believe that everyone outside of the circle is there simply for the personal benefit of those within the circle. And they will continue to do so until they are brought firmly to their knees and made inoperative.
  We are not born into this world to suffer hardship and unhappiness caused by the over-indulgence of greedy minorities–although those same minorities have succeeded remarkably well in brainwashing people into believing that is is so.
  A particularly dangerous and destructive thought pattern has been becoming more prevalent in the so-called developed societies around the globe since the broader advent of mass communications.

  The viewpoints of individuals are being readily dismissed and ignored or even ridiculed as worthless without any process of logical reasoning being applied, not because of any potential validity or otherwise of those viewpoints, but because the standing of the particular individual presenting them does not meet with certain preconceptions of the observer or listener.
Although such dismissal may satisfy the person applying it at the time, it can only lead to stagnation in the longer term.
  So, as we move further into 2012, perhaps you should ask yourself if you wish to act like a human or an ostrich throughout the coming New Year.

archived on Tuesday, 27 December, 2011

Kenny's frugality with the truth
According to Enda Kenny, the Irish people are dumb, maleable and stupid. When asking people to support a referendum vote on something as important as changing the Irish Consitution, it is simply not enough to say “This is about fairness
and hope as he obviously does that people will simply sit back in satisfaction and accept his words.
  No, Mr Kenny, it takes a little more than that. Although you were not Taoiseach at the time, the same people still remember the utter fiasco of the Lisbon Treaty referendum, when their decision was made but rejected as it was out of line with the government's desire.
  This latest referendum is not about fairness—it is about giving extraordinary sweeping powers to the government under a thinly drawn guise of legality.

archived on Sunday, 23 October, 2011

Bin Laden–the truth
The summary execution without trial of Osama bin Laden is the action of fools on behalf of fools. It is a corruption of the basic tennet of justice. Yet, "Justice has been done", said US President Obama in a tv address to the nation, while Former president George Bush, who was in office on the day of the attacks, issued a statement that said: "The fight against terror goes on, but tonight America has sent an unmistakable message: No matter how long it takes, justice will be done."
   The United States has bombed thousands of innocent foreign people, murdered opponents of its imperialism and hundreds within its political and military structure have publicly called for the execution of Bradley Manning. If someone from another country executed the US President it would be considered murder. Yet the killing of an accused man without trial is hailed as "justice".
  One of the more astute and pertinent analysis of the killing has been penned by Irish Independent writer Martina Devlin - I urge anyone reading this comment to read her article.
  Without going into the questions and many inconsistencie of 9/11, if the US President can refer to such a summary execution as 'justice', then God help us all.


Our world today
e are on a global scale now seeing the true colours of those elected, or who simply forced themselves, into governmental office.
  Day be day we hear of the suppression of civil liberties, the repression and censorship of news organisations and journalists behind news reports that are considered a 'threat'. One can only wonder just where this unparalleled global madness is leading us all.
  One thing is certain, the repression, censorship and punishment of others by those holding ‘office’ only demonstrates the utter callousness, the indifference and the lack of human compassion in those meting out such treatment.
  There is grave danger here for the survival and progress of our global civilisation. A mere handful of individuals throughout the world today harness greater access to destructive forces than at any time in our known history. What is of paramount importance is the matter of where their true allegiance lies.
  We are poised on the brink of an abyss that we can only cross if we all work together at building the bridge. As long as there is opposition to, or a misunderstanding of the importance of building that bridge, then all of us in our human entirety are staring into the depths of that abyss.

archived on Monday, 31 January, 2011

Ringing In The New
t the close of today we move forwards into the second decade of the second millennium. It is a time when we pass to each other messages of goodwill – using words such as happy, peaceful and prosperous. It is also a time that we should without flinching look at exactly what is happening in the world in which we live.
  Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds but the dissemination of information has over the past decade surpassed any other development yet achieved by the human race, including nuclear physics and space travel.
  Sadly, those who without real consideration use others for their own benefits have also progressed in their ways. Their behaviour towards their fellow citizens has become more outlandish, more repressive, and more violent.
  In the weeks running up the close of 2010 we have seen the authoritarian establishment hound Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for revealing what they preferred was kept undisclosed; we have seen the President of Hungary, the incoming European Union presidency, introduce draconian laws on media freedoms; on 21 December the US passed new laws controlling the use of the Internet—the list goes on.
  The UK had as the year ended put into place plans to evacuate British citizens from the Persian Gulf region in ‘the event of war with Iran’. On 18 December Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff spoke in Bahrain of the very real possibility of such a war with Iran. Without speaking of real causes, Adml Mullen also said “we live in extraordinarily dangerous times”.
  While cash is poured by the unimaginable amount into the bottomless pits of wars and ‘security’, national economies are collapsing and the working people are being shoved further and further down into the mire caused by capitalist greed. And this is happening in the developed world.
  Twenty years ago saw the collapse of the Soviet Union and in the two decades since then the US has continued to cement itself as a self-appointed global police force, but a force with an agenda strictly its own and not only disregardful of opposition, but antagonistic towards it. The harsh realities of the New American Century loom almost larger than its ethos. America is now the new Empire.
  The runaway machine will plough relentlessly on devouring all that might stand in its way, driven by men and women whose minds are sadly very far out of focus on anything far beyond than themselves.
  Unless those driving the machine regain purposeful control of the machine, it will self-destruct, as all empirical machines have and will.
  2011 will be an interesting year. I hope it is happy and peaceful for all.

archived on Friday, 31 December, 2010

When Dialogue becomes Monologue
At the outset, let me make one thing clear – I am a Liberal politician and therefore cautious of any State collection of personal data. Data retention does raise issues of privacy, I am keenly aware of that.
  “But we have to recognise that data retention is here to stay [editor’s italics], and for good reasons. Access to telecommunications data are, at least in some cases, the only way of detecting and prosecuting serious crime. And in some cases it can be vital to exclude individuals from crime scenes and clearing them of suspicion. We do need data retention as an instrument to maintain security in
our Member States.”
  These are the words of Cecilia Malmström, European Commissioner responsible for Home Affairs, speaking at the European Commission conference Taking on the Data Retention Directive in Brussels on 3 December 2010, a conference intended to be a discussion of the issues arising from data retention policies.


Liu Xiaobo & The Nobel Peace Prize
Reporters Without Borders called the award of the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday 10 December to jailed Chinese intellectual Liu Xiaobo “an historic celebration of the paramount importance of freedom of expression” and added that it considered it represented “a tribute to all free speech activists”.
  Mr. Liu, 54, currently serving an 11-year jail term in a northeast China prison for “inciting subversion of state power,” is considered a “criminal” by the government for publishing articles critical of the Communist Party and collecting signatures on Charter 08, a pro-democracy document.
  A few hours after the award the Chinese Foreign Ministry took it open itself to speak for the world in a statement that read: “The facts fully show that the Nobel Prize Committee's decision does not represent the majority of the world's people, especially the will of most developing countries. Prejudice and lies will not stand”.
  What do you think? Use the poll in the left column to have your say.


The Rumble of WikiLeaks thunder
The closing weeks of 2010 and the approaching end of the first decade of the second millennium AD bring into broad and clear focus the gathering pace of the war on truth and freedom. War being waged not by 'terrorists' but by those who hypocritically claim to be defending truth and freedom and who loudly publicise themselves as the bastions of right.
The WikiLeaks release of thousands of official documents that reveal the truth that has been obfuscated by those running their own agendas has revealed the absolute hypocrisy of those who abuse their powers.
Politicians and power blinded military leaders who have pushed their countries into senseless wars against other nations in the name of 'peace', 'justice' and 'freedom' are now baying for the blood of those responsible for the WiliLeaks release in a change of colours that a chameleon would be hard pressed to emulate. Some have even called for the imposition of the death penalty.
  It also reveals the truth about so-called political diplomacy, which is now nothing more than endless subterfuge conducted by those elected into office who choose to operate to their own agendas and to keep the details of what they are doing secret from their electorate. They believe they have the right to control the live's of others.
To shut up because you are told to shut up is to live under an authoritarian dictatorship. To be punished for telling the truth is to live under fascist control.
This is a portent that should not be shunned away from. To do so can only plunge the world further into chaos and disarray.


Ireland's Recovery Plan
The words of Taoseach Brian Cowen reverberate hollowly when the content of his Government’s National Recovery Plan is examined. Phrases such as “Social policy must continue to protect the most vulnerable in society and provide supports to those in unemployment” and “The vulnerable must be protected as far as possible” contrast starkly opposite to “Spending in this area will be reduced by €3 billion in 2014 when compared with the opening position” and “For 2011, scheme savings of €760 million are required from the Social Protection allocation in addition to savings of €100 million from labour activation measures. These measures will be announced on Budget Day. Further savings amounting to approximately €1.9 billion will be required in the period 2012–2014”.
  We are glibly told that “Savings from rate reductions can be ameliorated over the period of the Plan if substantial progress is made with structural reform changes to the social welfare system, re-oriented labour activation measures and also to the extent that the current level of fraud and control activity can be increased through enhanced measure”, while those who brought about the whole sorry mess remain free to retire with the benefits of their greed gotten gains and are relatively untroubled by the chaos they have created.
  In the decade 1997 to 2007 Ireland stood poised at the edge of a platform that could quite easily have become a beacon to the rest of the world as to how things should, or at least could have been done. Instead the Celtic Tiger chose to gnaw off its own tail through the folly of greed. It gnawed so deeply that all that is left is a sarcophagus. And now those who are least able to, and who are least able to resist, are being made to feel guilty if they don't feel that they should ‘share the blame’ for something they had forced upon them.
  Ireland can still be a beacon. It can stand to show the rest of the world how not to manage success and wealth.


s it really too much to hope that one day we all just might fully wake up to the humbling realisation that we all inhabit the same small, very fragile lump of rock hurtling through space?
  American, Indian, Scandinavian, Tutonic, Arabic, it makes no difference. There is simply nowhere to run.
  How much more sensible then for all people to live in harmony, have ample food and shelter.
  So just what has gone wrong? How has the fear, the desperation, the greed of people grown so rampant and dominant that we are prepared to maim, kill and otherwise abuse our fellow kind? And for what? Material or financial gain.

  Perhaps there truly is little hope for the human species.


archived on Tuesday, 14 September, 2010

Born under the Law of Slavery
very day, millions of people around the world will unwittingly live a life of pretence while also unwittingly defending their right to be not free, but slaves.
  Slavery is the bedrock of modern society, not freedom, as we are misled to believe. To understand such a contradiction it is helpful to understand George Orwell’s novel concept of doublespeak – where something is made out to be the exact opposite of what it really is, to the advantage of those propagating the lie..
  Convince someone that something they are doing is completely right and you can lead those people to kill others, or you can bleed their services dry.
  Those born into the modern structure of society are immediately born into slavery, although most will vehemently deny that it is so. To be born into such a society is to be born into a carefully contrived system of education that will brainwash each individual from the age of five years to 11 – the intellectually formative years of youth – into a particular way of thinking.
  Up until the age of five, individuals are exposed to the thought structure of their peers – a structure put there by the same system that will then take over the child’s mental processes with the coming of school age.
  The existing system is doomed to failure as its core emphasis is built on commercial profiteering.
  Any government or authoritative body that restricts freedom of speech or expression does so to protect its own edifice of lies.
  When I first met and interviewed Tony Blair in 1994, I encountered a man driven by fanaticism who looked straight through me as if I was not there and whose gaze was focused on some distant objective.
   That objective seemed far more to do with his own personal career and lust for power than it had anything to do with a better world for those in the UK.
  That fanaticism again came to the fore in the revelations that Blair had attempted to pressurise Gorden Brown into holding the Iraq war inquiry in secret, as he feared that he would become the target of ridicule in a “media circus” should he be called to give public evidence at an open inquiry.
  Within the last week, journalist John Pilger has repeated calls for Blair, who whilst now working as a 'peace envoy' to the Middle East has also amassed millions of pounds from the sale of his memoirs, to face prosecution for war crimes against the people of Iraq.
  The plain fact is that if his actions as Prime Minister were above board, there would be nothing to be concerned about,
  His actions however give substance to the reality of the fanatical Great Blair Lie and to his nickname Bliar.

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Friday, 3 July, 2009
Ireland, the EU and Lison

Back in 1996, Ireland stood poised on the brink of one of the most remarkable success stories of the century. It had risen from being an exceptionally poor state to one that suddenly found itself swimming in money.
  The streets became filled with 4x4s, one car was deemed insufficient so people bought two, and all across the country property developers began throwing up shopping and housing estates by the score.
  Banks began lending money practically to anyone who asked and to some who even didn’t—as if they were printing it themselves. But then the bubble burst. And the bottom of the bucket simply fell out.
  The collapse happened not because of the global recession, although of course that had an effect. The straw that broke the celtic tiger’s back was plain and simple greed on a massive scale. Those elected into office to run the country and manage its finances did so to benefit themselves and no-one else.
  There was no long-term view than incorporated the future. It was a case of get rich as much and as quickly as possible and the disease of greed was rampant.
  The ordinary citizen was swept up in the melee. Indeed there was no-one to shine a guiding light as to how to adapt to suddenly having a deluge of cash instead of the shortage that the people of Ireland had known for so long.
  Now, instead of providing a lesson to the world on how to build and maintain a country’s wealth and success, quite the opposite is apparent.
  Now the country is being urged to vote to ratify the Lisbon Treaty in a second referendum to be held later this year. The reality of that is that politicians, who have screwed up and wasted the nation’s finances, and the cash hungry conglomerates are looking to be bailed out by the EU. And yet it was EU cash that launched Ireland on its prosperity trail a decade ago.
  Those who shoulder the guilt for the nation’s demise are now seeking to apportion the blame anywhere but upon themselves.


Ronnie Biggs—a vindictive decision
Forty-six years ago a gang of men robbed £2.5million from a Post Office train travelling between Glasgow and London. A few short weeks later Ronnie Biggs, one of those taking part was arrested, along with others involved in the robbery. It is on record that politicians and other high ranking government officials discussed the case in private member's only clubs in London before the men were sentenced for their parts in the crime.
  The majority of those convicted of the robbery received 30 years jail—an unprecedented sentence for such an offence in the UK.
  Fifteen months later Biggs escaped and fled to Brazil, where he lived for 30 years before voluntarilly handing himself in to the British authorities in 2001.
  Now, eight years on and aged 79, Biggs is said to be seriously ill and close to death. The UP prison's parole board recommended that he be released on parole.
  That recommendation was ignored by Home Secretary Jack Straw who commented that Biggs would “still be a threat” to the public of released.
  Flying as it does in the face of the parole board's recommendations, whose very job it is to weight up such risk assessments, Straw’s decision can only be viewed as vindictive and without compassion. It reveals how much unfettered power UK politcians hold in the process of serving not the public but their own selfish interests.


Lisbon Treaty–the Great Swindle
hen the time comes for those in Ireland to vote in the country’s second Lisbon referendum later this year, the question arises—will they be casting their own vote or will they be merely reflecting the wishes of pro or anti Lisbon Treaty factions?
  The fact that there is a second referendum being held on the issue is ludicrous enough in itself. In 2008, the people of Ireland voted to reject ratification of the Treaty. In a blatant show of political hypocrisy, the Irish government refused to accept the electorate's vote and almost before the ballot papers were dry those who wished to see the Treaty ratified were condemning and criticising the voters and calling for another referendum.
  The Irish public’s decision also irked EU bureaucrats who had successfully forced the majority of EU states to ratify the Treaty without any say by the general populace of those states.
  The Treaty is good news for conglomerate businesses but is of no significant value to the average person, who is being conned into believing that it is in fact the best thing to happen to them.


archived on Tuesday, 23 June, 2009

The Turning of the Wheel
elieving in what you find can be tricky; especially if you grow up in a system of pre-established brainwashing.
   We call such a system ‘education’, but the question must be asked: education according to whose criteria?
   On the one hand we are told that we live in a ‘free society’ while on the other people are punished for failing to send their children to school. Such punishment and a mandatory requirement that compels people—remember, children are people too—to be press ganged into systematic ‘education’ immediately reveal the lies we are fed about our ‘freedom’. State education has become the manipulative tool of the State.
  If you start actively challenging the realities of ‘freedom’ in society today—freedom that is little more than someone else’s idea of freedom enforced upon others—then the reality of the lie becomes clear through the response of those who take action to defend their perceived validity of that ‘freedom’.
   We are indoctrinated to believe that society and all within it must be controlled in order to preserve order. Such control however is clearly failing to produce such results and serves more to perpetuate the authority of those enforcing the control.
   People are infamous for jumping to conclusions about and forming pre-judgments of others. And the State has magnificent machinery in place to ensure that dissenters to its authority can be classified, categorised, criminalised and ostracised and worse if necessary. And you don’t need to be in China to see it happening.
   Until you step wholly outside of the social system, you cannot view it objectively. Its very nature will influence your perspective, regardless of how detached you consider yourself to be. Reflect on the meaning of the biblical story about Jesus going alone into the wilderness to meditate and there being tempted by the devil. If you are born into pitch darkness and never see light then you will never know the true meaning of colour.
   Ignorant servitude to a dispassionate, inherited system has created a monstrous self-perpetuating machine that is afforded greater respect by those serving it than is given to the value of the individual.
   These truths have again risen to the surface in the last few years. Their reality can be suppressed but not subjugated. The human spirit knows freedom and the falsehoods of man. This is why throughout the ages those seeking to control others have sought to crush the spirit of those they seek to dominate.
   All forms of repression and control have one commonality—the use of fear to enforce their aims. So the next time you consider you are being directly or indirectly told to do or believe something, please ask yourself just how much rational argument and explanation is being afforded to you to allow you to make up your own mind about the circumstances and ask yourself if what is happening is really satisfactory to you.


archived on Monday, 4 May, 2009

Bye bye love, bye bye happiness...
ince 9/11 we have seen some of the most devastating changes in social infrastructures implemented throughout the world and some of the most damaging reversals to individuals’ liberties in modern history.
  Governments in by far the majority of so-called democratic nations have increasingly adopted the view that they are there to dominate and control the people who put them into office regardless of the will of those people.
  And all this is being done by governments who insist it is for the good. George Orwell would probably have been staggered by the extent at which doublespeak has now been perfected by modern governments.
  Britain’s Labour government seems intent on keeping the country at the top of the global league of the most total surveillance societies. It has admitted it is building a secret spy centre that will monitor the travels of all UK citizens and their companions.
  In his writings, Immanuel Kant said of democracy: “democracy is, properly speaking, necessarily a despotism, because it establishes an executive power in which 'all' decide for or even against one who does not agree; that is, 'all,' who are not quite all, decide, and this is a contradiction of the general will with itself and with freedom.”
He also wrote that any society founded on the principles of capitalism would eventually crumble to anarchy as the wealthy take ever increasing measures to protect their wealth against the growing numbers of those much less well off.
  Are we as a species really intent on going down such a sordid trail?


When Lies Are Acceptable
UK Foreign Secretary David Milliband should be booted out of office in disgrace. He lied barefaced to questions concerning US correspondence with the UK over the release of documents pertinent to a court trial, claiming no such correspondence took place. He has also by his actions sanctioned political interference in the decision making process of the courts of law.
  The issue centers on the release of documents relating to the alleged torture of a UK citizen and Guantanamo Bay detainee and suspected terrorist.
 The US has insisted that the UK withdraws from releasing the documents as part of an on-going court case concerning the alleged torture.
  Milliband initially repeatedly denied there had been any such correspondence from the US regarding the release of what the US said was ’sensitive’ and classified information, the release of which would significantly damage US security. The letters sent to the UK by US legal advisors acting for the US Government make it clear that the release of the documents would damage intelligence co-operation between the UK and the US.
  However Milliband has admitted being reponsible for blocking the release of the documents, which are said to reveal British complicity in the alleged torture.
  Read the letters Milliband denied receiving.

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No such thing as Bad Press . . .
By refusing to broadcast the Disaster Emergency Committee’s video appeal for Gaza, BBC and Sky television gave far more global publicity to the appeal than if they had both broadcast it.
  C’est la vie.


A Double Dutch Dilemma
Long known for their adherence to liberality, tolerance and individual freedoms, a Dutch court presented a disturbing insight into the erosion of such Dutch values when it ruled that Dutch MP and film producer Geert Wilders must face prosecution for “making anti-Islamic comments”.
  Mr Wilders film Fitna allegedly urged Muslims to tear out "hate-filled" verses from the Koran. The film sparked widespread controversy in May 2008.
  The Amsterdam court overruled the public prosecutor who declined to prosecute Wilders, Reuters reported.
  The ruling by the court on Wednesday, 21 January 2009 creates a dangerous precedent in drawing a division between freedom of speech and what is seen as permitted freedom of speech. Any gag on the freedom of expression through speech is to begin to gag the whole concept of freedom of expression, regardless of how unsavoury or distasteful some comments may be to some people.
  Such a gag is also contrary to internationally agreed law protecting individual freedoms through Article 9 of the Charter of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which Holland is a signatory.
  I have the right to speak of you in any way that I wish, if what I am saying is my opinion. Because I am saying it does not mean that that you have to believe what I say. That is your right.
  If you express your opinion about me and I try to prevent you from doing so by any means whatsoever, then I am mounting a direct attack on your right to free expression.
  The Dutch ruling smacks more of appeasement than of any real and legally binding justification within law. In essence it grants certain rights of freedom to some at the expense of the very same rights of freedom of others.
  Mr Wilders has been accused of incitement towards violence, among other things. Perhaps the same might have been said of movies documenting the US atomic attacks on Japan.
  The real judgment is your own opinion. You can view the movie here


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Happy Christmas and 2009?
hen the final sequential days to Christmas finally arrive, we once again recall with an almost forlorn longing something we speak and sing of as peace and goodwill to all men.
  Our spirits are lifted as we revel in something we feel but don’t even begin to understand, because a few days later we are all back to the same paradoxical stupidity of selfishness.
  We invented Christmas. Us, not God, not some Messiah, you and me, or our descendants—those of us alive today merely propagate the cause of something we know so little of.

  We invented it out of the sad despair born of the knowledge of our mortality and have been unable to elevate ourselves from the pit of our own ridiculous self imprisonment. We continue our external hunt for our elusive savior when we are our own saviors.
  There is little left for us to do as a species on this planet other than to make our world a better place for all, today and tomorrow—an extremely simple thing to do–or we will be left to face the immeasurable consequence.


Home Secretary living in world of make-believe
Speaking recently on the UK’s extensive use of DNA retention by police where the person involved was not convicted of an offence, UK Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said she would continue to permit the taking of DNA from under-10 year-olds but said it “would not be stored”.
  In a ruling earlier this month an EU court ruled that keeping the information of unconvicted persons "could not be regarded as necessary in a democratic society".
  Ms Smith went on to say in a BBC interview that the government would “...look carefully at the [EU] ruling but what I want is to safeguard the world-leading position that we have in the use of DNA.".
  The country’s chart standing in the DNA database league it seems is of greater importance to the UK government than the civil liberties of the individual.


The ghosts of Christmas past
hirteen years ago Ireland and its people stood poised on the brink of the biggest change in the modern history of the country—a change that could have sent ripples around the globe.
  The Celtic Tiger was preening itself at the edge of the dark forest in which it had been lost for decades and was casting its gaze out across the new lands now open ahead. Things were looking better—definitely much better.
  Alas, it was not destined to be. The change that could have put Ireland on the map as a ‘new society’ giving a positive new direction to other nations simply didn’t happen. Those running the country simply were not capable or prepared to move in new directions. They fell prey to the age-old quicksand of greed. As new money and business began to flood into Ireland and rapidly catapulted the nation into the top five economic success stories, so too the greed and greed-based corruption grew.
  Soon it became obvious that those running the country were running nothing better than a fiasco of mismanagement. A financial surplus soon turned into a massive financial deficit with nobody seeming to know just where all the money had gone.
  It was not confined to government. Materialistic greed swept across the country and turned the fabled Irish hospitality into little more than a past memory. The wannabees became the haves and soon the haves were disdainfully looking down their noses and the bonnets of their 4x4s at the have nots.
  It didn’t have to be like that and it could have been oh so much better. But it wasn’t. Ireland could have stood in proud glory as a beacon of change and good in the world. Instead the capitalistic lure of material gain blinded the nation to anything else.
  As Christmas 2008 approaches and the people of the world face up to the realities and impact of a global recession that was triggered by greedy profiteering, it is perhaps worth pondering on the parallels, for one day it will be too late to learn.


The Lisbon Treaty Dicktative
n the latest unashamedly doublespeak commentary, Irish Minister of State for European Affairs Dick Roche says that by not having a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, Irish people are being denied their rights.
  “Why should the Irish people be denied the opportunity to "save Ireland's commissioner"? Why should we spurn the opportunity to protect our sovereign position on corporate taxation? Why would we not want to secure additional guarantees that respect the provisions of the Constitution on the right to life, on education and on family issues? Why should the Irish people be denied the opportunity to copperfasten our tradition of military neutrality”
said Mr Roche in a article published by the Irish Times.
The Lisbon Treaty, all EU citizens were informed, could not be implemented by the EU Parliament without the full ratification of all EU member states. It was originally planned to have such ratification in place by the end of 2008. Failing such all-member state agreement it was planned that the treaty would come into force on the first day of the month following the last ratification.
  By June 2008 Ireland was among the last member states not to have announced full formal ratification of the treaty and due to provisions within its constitution was required to hold a referendum on the issue.
  On 12 June 2008 the Irish people voted to reject Irish ratification of the treaty and as a result it failed to pass into EU law. Lisbon Treaty Dead, headlines screamed out.
  A political debacle immediately ensued in which Ireland was castigated by pro-Treaty groups across Europe; the Irish people were accused of being stupid, ignorant or having been deliberately fed misleading information by scheming anti-treaty groups, while politicians sought to castigate voters for rejecting the treaty.
  What none seemed to take to heart was that the Irish people had spoken with their votes.
  Now we are witnessing the absurd Orwellian doublethink where a TNS/mrbi poll in the Irish Times asked voters would they vote Yes or No in another referendum if the Treaty was modified to allow Ireland to retain its EU Commissioner and if concerns on neutrality, abortion and taxation were clarified in special declarations. The result was 43% said Yes; 39% said No and 19% said they did not know.
  The Irish government, unhappy with the no-vote, now proposes to hold a second referendum on the issue and said it would announce its decision in December, though any formal decision has yet to be announced. Taoiseach Brian Cowen has indicated that he intends to hold a second referendum on the treaty by October 2009.
  Meanwhile EU politicians seem hell bent on pushing through the Lisbon Treaty regardless of the general wishes of the elctorate, as seen by the  lack of any EU-wide referendum on the issue.
  In the latest twist to the situation, a report has been given to the Irish Government stating that there are “no legal obstacles to prevent Ireland from holding a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty”.
  'No legal obstacle appears to exist to having a referendum either on precisely the same issue as that dealt with on June 12 or some variation thereof,' the parliamentary committee on Ireland's future in the EU said in the report.
  It appears that the fact that the people said ‘No’ does not constitute a legal obstacle.
  If one thing is clear, it is that actions of government speak louder than words in do as we say and not as we do. Perhaps at the next general election Irish voters will be offered the chance to go back to the voting booths if their decision fails to find favour with the incumbent government.
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archived on Wednesday, 10 December, 2008

Under the thumb of state corruption
Two national Irish newspapers have been blocked from publishing the main conclusions of the Moriarty tribunal. The Irish Times and the Sunday Business Post were contacted by a solicitor acting for the tribunal late on a Friday night with the threat of an injunction, the UK-based Guardian newspaper has reported.
  The Moriarty Tribunal, a public inquiry, was set up in 1999 to investigate if payments from Irish businessmen to Charles Haughey, the former prime minister, who died in June 2006, and the former communications minister Michael Lowry influenced their decisions in awarding telecommunications contracts.
  The Guardian also reported that ‘The findings also call into question the veracity of the evidence these civil servants gave under questioning at the tribunal, which was headed by Mr Justice Michael Moriarty. The documents that the two papers were prevented from printing make clear that the judge does not accept the evidence given to him by the civil servants in question’.
  Neither The Post, nor The Times which had to halt its press run, later published any information regarding the gagging. The Guardian however reported that ‘
Irish government officials confirmed that the present Fianna Fáil-led administration will resist attempts by the tribunal to single out senior civil servants for blame. They said this could entail a further battle through the courts between the government and the tribunal’.
  The Moriarty tribunal has so far cost the State €33.7 million of public money and it is expected that legal costs associated with the inquiry may top a further €500million.
  Gagging a newspaper from publishing legitimately obtained details of a government-ordered public inquiry into corruption within the government is a Machiavellian development that can only portray all involved in an extremely poor light.


Enforcing Order off Somalia
Pirates operating off the Somalia coast and in the Gulf of Aden must be laughing at their ability to continue hijacking merchant ships despite the presence in the area of international naval ships.
  Naval forces patrolling the region say it is simply too big to police with certainty.
  Declaring a total exclusion zone to all vessels except recognised bona fide merchant shipping and naval patrols would greatly simplify the problems. Any unauthorised vessel discovered within the exclusion zone should be given a non-negotiable warning of destruction unless it hove to and awaited the arrival of a naval boarding party. Any vessel ignoring this warning should be destroyed without further warning by naval patrols.


The Lisbon Treaty Dictative
he Lisbon Treaty, all EU citizens were informed, could not be implemented by the EU Parliament without the full ratification of all EU member states. It was originally planned to have such ratification in place by the end of 2008. Failing such all-member state agreement it was planned that the treaty would come into force on the first day of the month following the last ratification.
  By June 2008 Ireland was the last member state not to have announced formal ratification of the treaty and due to provisions within its constitution was required to hold a referendum on the issue.
  On 12 June 2008
the Irish people voted to reject Irish ratification of the treaty and as a result it failed to pass into EU law. Lisbon Treaty Dead, headlines screamed out.
  A political debacle immediately ensued in which Ireland was castigated by pro-Treaty groups across Europe; the Irish people were accused of being stupid, ignorant or having been deliberately fed misleading information by scheming anti-treaty groups, while politicians sought to castigate voters for rejecting the treaty.
  What none seemed to take to heart was that the Irish people had spoken with their votes.
  Now we are witnessing the absurd Orwellian doublethink where a TNS/mrbi poll in the Irish Times asked voters would they vote Yes or No in another referendum if the Treaty was modified to allow Ireland retain its EU Commissioner and if concerns on neutrality, abortion and taxation were clarified in special declarations. The result was 43% said Yes; 39% said No and 19% said they did not know.
  The Irish government, unhappy with the no-vote, now proposes to hold a second referendum on the issue and will announce its decision in December.
  Meanwhile EU politicians seem hell bent on pushing through the Lisbon Treaty regardless of the general wishes of the elctorate, as seen by the  lack of any EU-wide referendum on the issue.
  In the latest twist to the situation, a report has been given to the Irish Government stating that there are “no legal obstacles to prevent Ireland from holding a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty”.
'No legal obstacle appears to exist to having a referendum either on precisely the same issue as that dealt with on June 12 or some variation thereof,' the parliamentary committee on Ireland's future in the EU said in the report.
  If one thing is clear, it is that actions of government speak louder than words.
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The English Labour Party Dictative
Gordon Brown has again dismissed a government commissioned specialist review that recommended rejection of plans to introduce the ‘presumed consent’ of organ donating.
  The English Prime Minister, coming increasingly under attack for ignoring advice on complex and sensitive issues and being increasingly blind to public opinion, said that he might still press on and introduce new laws despite the review group’s rejection of the plans.
  The new law would permit the automatic harvesting of organs unless there was a specific request to opt-out, effectively affording the state a presumed ownership of people’s bodies.
  Mr Brown also recently declined to accept the recommendations of another
government special advisory group on the re-classfication of cannabis from a class C to class B drug.


The Real War Against Evil
Spearheaded by a misguided US President and an equally misguided administration, the so-called war against terror brought forth a new twist to an old prodigy, the war against evil, or as President Bush described it, the war against the ‘axis of evil’.
  Rocked by violent events of an extraordinary nature, people already insecure and unwittingly fearful became susceptible to greater maleability. An external enemy became the focus for what was termed ‘evil’, transferring the focus away from home grown wrongs.
  Western civilisation has for centuries mistreated, maltreated and abused individuals and whole nations in a self-perpetuating orgy of greed and profit; from the enslavement of black people to the underhand removal of foreign leaders considered to be stumbling blocks to the power-hungry profits machine.
  Evil is masquerading in the world today as ‘good’. Societies have developed that now place greater worth and value on financial concerns than on human lives. People go hungry, while killing machines wage wars that cost billions.
Even to speak out against the machine can draw recrimination. This is the true evil in our world.
  Until this is widely recognised, we will be continually at war against the wrong enemy.


A New Dawn?
housands of words will be written and said between now and the 20 January inauguration of President elect Barack Obama—the first non-white and the 44th president of the USA.
  Much has also been said, since the results of the election became known, in praising a ‘new start’ for the American nation.
  For the past eight years America has been led deeper into a state of myopic fear and paranoia by power hungry leader George W. Bush, whose past actions rival that of any dictator. Nowhere is this more apparent than in free thinking countries outside of America.
  Any incoming President of America faces a huge task in re-establishing respect for the country beyonds its shores and for now the world can only wait and wonder if, at the end of the day, the new President will be more than, in the words of the Who, ‘meet the new boss, same as the old boss’.


archived on Thursday, 6 November, 2008

The Dark Ages of Sharia Law
his website condemns without reservation the stoning to death of a woman in Somalia. The woman, at first said to have been found guilty of committing adultery by an Islamic Sharia Court, was later estimated to have been about 13 years old and had been raped by three men. When the family attempted to report the rape, the girl was detained. After being buried up to her neck she was then pelted to death by stones thrown by a group of about 50 men while a large crowd stood and watched in the coastal town of Kismao.
  The woman, named as Aisho Ibrahim Dhuhulow, had pleased guilty to adultery according to local Islamic leader Sheikh Hayakallah. Amnesty International said it had evidence that the girl had been just 13 (see BBC news report).
  There can be no place for any such barbarism in any society.


Leading Islam to the Slaughter
he Islamic world must wake up to the sheer hypocrisy that is being widely perpetrated in its name by power greedy political manipulators.
  Malaysian authorities are currently detaining the editor of Malaysia Today, blogger Raja Petra (RPK) Kamarudin under section 8 of its ‘Internal Security Act’ for writing comments deemed to degrade “the purity of Islam” and for writing material critical of the Malaysian government. Under the Draconian rules, Petra can be detained for up to two years without trial and the detention can be extended indefinitely.
  Similar punitive restrictions remain widely in place throughout the Islamic countries. Political leaders and warlords alike have seized on the opportunity to mislead and manipulate Islamic followers. It is time such acts of religious attrition by those who seek no other goal other than their own selfish lust for power.


Into The Witches’ Cauldron
There seems little, if anything at all, to be learned from the current global financial mess. When it comes to financial profiteering, human greed is indomitable and impervious to past mistakes.
  We might learn that financial investments are inherently unsafe endeavours because they are founded on the concept of profit. Of course, profit in itself is no bad thing. Yet profit cannot develop without greed for greed drives the motive for greater profit. It is based upon a system of inequality and cannot exist without such division.
  According to all analysts, the current global financial collapse is more severe than any in the last 100 years. In the early 1900s, financial depression helped trigger World War 1 and in the 1930s, a subsequent financial depression triggered by the costs of the first world war led to World War 2.
  A statement released on the situation by UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown included: “The global financial market has ceased to function, putting in danger the necessary flow of money to businesses and families on which all of us depend in our daily lives”.
  We all depend on money in our daily lives. Why? Are we born with a wallet attached to our umbilical cord? All the arguments in favour of such dependence are put forward by those who benefit by such dependence. The rest are merely dished the crumbs off the table.
  It is also extremely rich–no pun intended–that one prominent bank CEO said that banks felt hard done by and wanted a ‘level playing field’ when it came to the cash handouts from government. Where were the level playing fields when bank customers complained of unfair and excessive bank charges and had to resort to the threat of court action to obtain refunds?
  In Ireland, the Government said it would use taxpayers money to guarantee €485 billion worth of bank deposits and borrowings and one senior Minister said he thought senior bankers’ annual salary should be subject to a €5000,000 cap. In the same week the same Government announced, through its budget, that it was withdrawing medical cards, affording free medical services, to those over 70 who did not pass a new means test.
  In the words made popular by songwriter Lou Reed, we are all going to reap just what we sow.

archived on Wednesday, 8 October, 2008

Into The Twilight
ROFITEERS who brought the US financial market to its knees through their greed were almost bailed out this week by the US taxpayers–the very people they screwed to begin. On Monday, the ‘rescue’ package, put forward by the White House, was rejected by the US House of Representatives, though it is by no means certain that the package will not yet eventually come into effect, costing some $2,000 for every person living in the US today. But surely hang on here, the people, as well as capital investors, put money into banks, which subsequently lost it, yet the banks and to a major extent the capital investors are being supported. Are the people?
  Elsewhere, in the Gulf of Aden and in the waters off the Somalia coast—one of the world’s busiest commercial shipping lanes—Somali pirates seem able to continue hijacking commercial and private shipping almost with impunity, regardless of the world’s armed navies.
  In the same week, scientists learned that vast quantities of the highly environmentally damaging gas methane were being released into the atmosphere due to the degradation of the arctic permafrost, raising awareness of a potentially catastrophic escalating snowball effect.

  On a brighter note, light follows the twilight.


Behind the subconscious of the Moon
nyone who takes the time to study news headlines from around the world today will have little doubt that freedom of speech and self expression have become one of the most oppressed aspects of modern day life.
  Countless numbers of people have been murdered on the directions of governments and ruling juntas for no reason other than they spoke out against their oppressors or against those wielding control and thus were seen by those they criticised as a threat. Hundreds of people are currently imprisoned, some are being tortured, for similar reasons.
  Such oppression is by no means confined to the lesser nations. Similar atrocities have been and continue to be carried out in the so-called free societies of the world, including the United States and the UK. In the past month, journalists in Russian controlled states have been murdered by state complicity, adding to a long list of similar killings in eastern bloc controlled locations.
  The myth of freedom is the tool used to control those living within such societies. Under such conditions, it is difficult at the least, impossible at the worst, to maintain an accurate perception of the realties of situation.
  In such circumstance, the erosion of civil liberty becomes an easier task for those with vested interests in maintaining oppressive control. Oil is poured on an already slippery slope.
  These are the harsh realities of our modern world—a world that has brought about the development of mass communications technologies but has also placed those same technologies in the hands of those willing and able to use them for their own agendas, irrespective of the consequence to others.
  We have become sanitized to murder, destruction and wrongdoings carried out in our name by those who assume the mantle and uniforms of authority and ‘right’.
  This, then, is the reality of ‘freedom’ in our modern world.

archived on Tuesday, 9 September, 2008

One Dream, One World?
Russia invaded Georgia while billions of people around the world were tuned into the opening of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. While civilians were being killed in the fighting now taking place, Presidents Bush and Putin ‘discussed’ the situation whilst attending the opening of the Games.
  It makes the whole reality of the current Olympic Games into an hypocritical mockery. Images of the Russian invasion of Georgia should have been displayed across the monitors and TV screens showing images of the opening ceremony and people should have been told that whilst they were watching the ceremony Russia has invaded a small neighbouring country with its military.
  Athletes participating in the Games could have walked out and refused to participate further. Medals are valueless while elsewhere people are being killed through military invasion.
  One World, One Dream is just not going to miraculously happen. We need to make such a thing happen. And that will not happen through inactivity.
  To see things otherwise is nothing less than greater hypocrisy.


Time To Think?
In what one day might be termed Rumsfeldspeak, there are those who know that they think that they care. There are those who don’t know that they think that they care. And there are those who don’t think and don’t care.
  Whichever anyone of us happens to be is purely a matter of life’s decision. For those who don’t care nothing really matters. Those who don’t care don’t think, right?
  Wrong. They think prefabricated thoughts and so they think that they think. The real issue here is just who manufactured those prefabricated thoughts. But then, it doesn’t really matter because they have been implanted over so many generations that they have become imbued within our social structures. But then again it does matter, because thinking thoughts that might question the validity of those prefabricated thoughts has become, well, almost akin to a crime.
  Thought crime. It’s almost a crime to think that such a thing might even exist. Would a man in the middle of a desert be thinking thought crime if he happened upon an oasis bearing a sign that said ‘private — absolutely no drinking’ and he questioned its validity?
  If you think about it, you might see where this is going and, well, care about that.   Otherwise, if you continue to be part of the sickness, you continue to contribute to its continuation. But then, perhaps nobody cares.

archived on Sunday, 27 July, 2008

The Cold of the Desert
Those who sat through the movie The Day After Tomorrow know that it has all been said before and will  be said again. That we are heading towards major catastrophe through global climate change is a matter of no doubt except to fools. History, where we care to look with dispassion, teaches us that global climate change is a natural phenomenon that peaks every 20,000 years or so. We are now overdue such natural shift in our planetary ecosystem.
  To continue to apportion blame on industry and on individual users of fuels and energy sources that add to global warming is a ridiculous stance adopted by the ignorant. Human contributions towards climate change are certainly present but in such a fractional percentage that it may do little more, in the long run, than advance the coming catastrophe by just a short period of years. Global warming and its effect on the earth’s oceanic convection streams will lead to the dawn of a sudden and devastating new ice age.
  Little is being done to prepare for that eventuality. Instead we see the continued senseless apportioning of blame that has its roots in ignorance.
  Those who would speak of preserving our habitable world for future generations would be better asking themselves just how those future generations are going to cope with a frozen planet. They would also do well to ask themselves just what they are doing to ensure that future generations have at least a thread of hope of a survivable future through the efforts of their forebearers.


Europe & Lisbon
ith much of global public attention focused by media and government sources on terrorism and all its consequences, on armed conflicts and other politically dominated issues, the European Union’s moves towards ratifying the Lisbon Treaty passed through its stages almost like a thief in the night.
  It is an unsatisfactory and thoroughly undemocratic process. Many EU member state governments have simply voted to accept the treaty regardless of public opinion and in many cases have done so without allowing their electorates any effective say in the matter.
  A press statement by the EU presidency on the Lisbon Treaty spoke of the ‘benefits’ of the treaty and named states that had ‘ratified’ it but failed to provide any public detail of their processes of ratification nor did the press statement afford any mention to EU states that have not ratified the treaty and the public opinion in those states.
   Ireland held a referendum on the acceptance of the treaty and voters roundly rejected to accept its ratification. Within hours, argument had split between the pro-treaty camps as to why Ireland had rejected the treaty and the blame was placed on both the anti-treaty brigades and the gullibility and ignorance of the voters.
  The EU’s information web site says nothing of the real content and impact of the treaty but paints it as the only way forward for Europe. It is up to ignorant parties to read and try to make sense of the politically jargonised treaty text if they wish to understand what the treaty will mean. However, the full text version of the Lisbon Treaty was as incomprehensible to the majority of readers as it is such a mish mash of deletions, additions and alterations that it is impossible to determine the actual content in a meaningful way.
  Among the treaty’s effects will be the creation of a centrally controlled European military machine known as the European Defence Agency, controlled by the European Parliament and beyond the controlling powers of governments of individual member states. It will also devolve many decision making processes away from the governments of member states and place much greater powers under the control of the European Parliament. In short, it is a major step towards the creation of a European superstate, as envisaged by France and Germany prior to the creation of the European Economic Community (EEC), which evolved into the European Community (EC) and then became the current European Union (EU).
  But the reality should lie in the fact that despite Irish voters rejecting the treaty, its proponents roundly failed to accept their vote. That should by itself speak volumes.


archived on Friday, 9 May, 2008

The Diana Verdict
he verdict reached by the jury in the inquest into the deaths of Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul is just one more page in a chapter that concludes that nobody will ever really know just what the true circumstances were that led to the fatal crash in which the three died.
  Just one person really had that knowledge and driver Henri Paul took it to the grave with him. Since then the world has been privy to one of the most publicised inquiries next to that of 9/11 and certainly what must be the most publicised inquest in history.
  The results of the inquiry and inquest alike are no less than the expression of opinion based and formed on and by the presentation of detail. In the case of the inquest, that opinion and therefore a decision on a verdict was reached by nine members of a jury of 11 men and women who sat through the 91 days of presented evidence and detail.
  Yet regardless of what anyone thinks or believes happened on that Sunday morning in the Paris Alma tunnel, no-one has so far heard anything from anyone who actually knows. Because of that, those who seek the truth are left only with contemplations.


How Long Will The Clock Tick?
nlike other life forms on earth, the human race is in charge of its own survival or destruction and ultimately that of all life as we know it on our planet. Given that we remain a frightened, paranoid species capable of waging war on our fellow kind as a direct result of greed, the future is something less than rosy.
  The money that has been wasted on wars throughout the world since Word War 2—supposedly the war to end all wars—could itself have been used to eradicate the very reasons for those wars. But it seems that such action would not satisfy the ambitions of our political leaders and the reality must be seen for what it is. Doublespeak may have been coined long ago, but in our world today those we look to for leadership have honed doublespeak to perfection.
  We have so-called scholars around the world who are looking to find some sort of divine revelations in the work of the likes of Nostradamus whilst the reality of our existence stares us straight in the face.
  It is our so-called ‘civilised’ world that has brought forth the euphemism“collateral damage” as a convenient excuse for the wanton killings of unarmed, non-combatant civilians in the many regions of the world where leaders have declared military conflict. To ignore the reality of our own stupidity is to ignore the fate of our own kind and that of others.


archived on Friday, 9 May, 2008
Where Reality is Censored

itna the movie. Have you seen it? Have I? Who cares. There are thousands of movies depicting thousands of events, not all of them pleasant but real nonetheless. The real issue here is the self-trial of those who claim to uphold the values of freedom of thought and expression.
  No-one in the so-called democratically ‘free’ world has either denounced or censored any movie that equates or portrays Aryans as nazis, for that would be denying the truth. The truth is also that not all Aryans were nazis.
  Fitna has produced an abuse of authority wherein the movie has been made taboo by those who consider themselves endowed with the authority and right to tell other people how or what they should think.
  The movie has also brought out the extremist elements within the west that are beginning to rot democratic freedoms from within. Such circumstances have been known to topple civilizations.
  The European Union, presided over by Slovenia, issued a statement backing an earlier statement by the Dutch government on the Internet release of the film. Following the release of the film, Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende said: “The film equates Islam with violence. We reject this interpretation. The vast majority of Muslims reject extremism and violence. In fact, the victims are often also Muslims.
  “We therefore regret that Mr Wilders has released this film. We believe it serves no purpose other than to cause offence. But feeling offended must never be used as an excuse for aggression and threats. The government is heartened by the initial restrained reactions of Dutch Muslim organisations.
  “Muslims, Christians and people of other convictions can easily live together in peace. The problem is not religion, but misuse of religion to sow hatred and intolerance. That is why we are calling for respect for everyone's deepest convictions.”
  The hosting company of the film’s website then closed the site down and included in a statement of its reasons: “You understand that we reserve the right to conclude that your conduct is in violation of the standards set forth in this Acceptable Use Policy, and we may arrive at such a conclusion even if it is based upon our opinion or mere suspicion or belief, without any duty to prove that our opinion or suspicion is well founded, and even if (i) our opinion or suspicion is proven not to be well founded or (ii) we provide other customers services that have similar characteristics or are being used in a similar manner as your services."
  Since when has it been an offence to offend someone by expressing your mind? Self-expression is the very bedrock of freedom.
  Such a view is a malaise born of human ignorance, fear and appeasement all boiling together in the same pot. Without freedom we are doomed to self-destruct as a species.
  Finally, its is worth remembering that there are religious and political fanatics on all sides and that similar circumstances were ignored earlier last century with devastating consequence.
  We must all remember that liberality must not be selectively applied. The Muslim/Islamic Jihad against the west has been in effect for many years.
  To watch the movie and reach your own conclusions, go here.
If the above link fails to work go here.
This website has posted the video links not in support of the content but in support of the freedom of the individual to make his or her own decisions regarding what they see.


China And The Marathon Olympic Decision
Calls for the boycott of the Beijing Olympic Games are reminiscent of the 1936 Berlin Olympics, which became known as the Nazi Olympics. Despite calls from many western nations to boycott the 1936 Games, the Berlin Olympics went on much as usual and Germany’s nazi leadership went on to present foreign spectators and journalists with a false image of a peaceful, tolerant Germany ready to rejoin Europe in the wake of World War 1. As has been documented elsewhere, “Only a few reporters, such as William Shirer, understood that the Berlin glitter was merely a facade hiding a racist and oppressively violent regime”.
   In 1980, the United States under President Carter announced it would boycott the 1980 Moscow Olympics to protest the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Sixty-two countries joined in the boycott while others attended but deployed milder forms of protest. Countries that called for or participated in the boycotts in both 1936 and 1980 have stated that they will not implement a boycott of the Beijing games, despite China’s appalling record in human rights.
  The Chinese government reneged on its announcement that if it was granted world consent to host the Olympics it would improve its human rights record. In fact the opposite has taken place, with violent repression of freedom of speech and expression and the internment of those who have been outspoken against the Chinese authorities, in much the same way as nazi Germany rounded up gypsies (Roma's) and Jews in Berlin.
  There are those who maintain that sports events should not become a target for politically motivated issues. Yet those who support such a view are from countries who have strong economic ties and trade with China. Countries that were most active in supporting calls to boycott the1936 and 1980 games today have a concealed yet equally blemished record of human rights, including the United States.
  Meanwhile the International Olympics Committee is silent on the issue of calls to boycott the Beijing games.
  To continue to support the Beijing games on the pretext that it might ‘harm’ China and also ‘harm’ possible improvements to China’s record of human rights is dangerous, immoral and hypocritical.
  To support the games without protest is to send a clear signal to Peking that despite the worldwide calls to boycott the games, it is quite OK and acceptable for China to continue its regime of violent repression.
  Individual athletes have the option of choosing to go to the Beijing games or not. Their combined action could be the strongest non-violent action possible against tyrannical Chinese rule.

archived on Thursday, 20 March, 2008

Through a mirror darkly
odern societies are more connected within themselves and with other societies than at any time in recorded history. Throughout the world there are more telephones, televisions, radios, Internet connections and other means of instant communication and transfer of knowledge than ever before.
  Yet despite such an abundance, our world is still racked by the cruelty, repression and violent oppression of man by fellow man.
  This week, the US military attacked a so-called terrorist target in an intrusion into yet another country – Somalia.
  Also this week, Israel launched a military strike on a refugee camp, claiming it was a base for insurgents against Israel.
  No state of war has even been declared by the US against Afghanistan or Iraq. The decision to go to war was, primarilly, a presidential one. Congress took a very back seat. Under America’s Constitution, only an Act of Congress can declare America to be at an official state of war. Under such terms, the present US and coalition forces’ entry into military combat can be nothing more nor less than illegal.
  In the latest bizarre twist of reality, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown said: “I condemn absolutely any members of the public who show abuse or discrimination to our armed forces.
“They should be thanked for the great job that they're doing, they should be encouraged to wear their uniform in public, they should be free to do so and the public will want to show their respect and gratitude.”
  His comment was made after air force personnel at a Cambridgeshire base were advised by their camp commander to war civilian uniforms during off-duty trips into town due to concerns that local people who were opposed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan might ‘abuse’ them. His comments reflect a belief that he is authorised to tell people how they should think and behave.
In many countries around the world, people are being punished and jailed and sometimes killed for using freedom of speech or expression. Dark days indeed.



When battle lines are drawn
he battle lines have been drawn. Freedom of the individual is being strangled.
Freedom of thought, freedom of opinion, freedom of expression and freedom of belief are all under relentless attack throughout the world by those who are entrenched in self-idolatry and greed.
Those who are being corralled by such repression are being nurtured to believe that it is for their own benefit and overall good. The reality has become more grotesque than that portrayed in George Orwell’s fictionalised bleak world of 1984.
People have been arrested, sentenced to jail in countries around the world and stigmatised as ‘dissidents’ for speaking their mind on certain issues on Internet websites. Many websites have been shut down by those who fear truthful observations. Increasingly the term dissident has been used to imply that those who disagree with government are committing some sort of crime.
A dissident is no more than a person who disagrees with the actions of a government or with those who wear the mantle of ‘authority’. The right to free expression is universal. There is a very wide but forgotten difference between dissidents who voice opposition or engage in peaceful protest and the dissident who turns to violence as a demonstration of protest.
There are those who would resort to belittle those with clarity of vision by the use of ridicule and semantics. Yet the real criminals are those who oppress the right to peaceful protest or free expression. Anyone who attempts to oppress freedom of expression is an enemy of the people and, in the long run, an enemy to themselves.
Such situations and circumstance might be expected within dictatorship-ruled societies or former communist states wherein former rulers still seek to cling to old established powers.
Where such oppression and repression is allowed to flourish unchecked in states ruled by democratically elected governments, then you have the clearest signs of the expansion of fascist behaviour and dictatorship obfuscated by sweet talk.
The battle lines have been drawn. It is up to each individual to decide how to live with them and learn if they are part of the solution or part of the problem.

archived on Friday, 4 January, 2008

For Auld Lang Syne
hristmas has come and gone for those who celebrate it on 25 December but little has changed. We have the continuing man-made atrocities in Darfur. Turkey has continued to bomb Kurdish villages once again on the pretext of defence against terrorism and it has amassed 100,000 troops on the Iraq border. The violence in Pakistan continues unabated following the assassination of former President Bhutto.
  And almost exactly three years since the day of the Indian Ocean tsunami, Indonesia is suffering from a fresh wave of naturally occuring disasters in the form of severe floods.
  It is perhaps too much to hope that the dawn of a new year might bring better times to our world. A little too much to hope for because too many in positions of being able to really improve our world are too entrenched in their own desires and aspirations of personal gain and well-being.
  And yet we must continue to remain firm in the hopes of a better world and better lives for those whose days are filled with little else other than pain and suffering.
  Auld lang syne is literally ‘old long since’. We cannot go backwards in time to days when the world was a nicer, safer and freer place, if in fact such time existed at all in our dark history as a species.
  But as we go forward to 2008 and those of us whose lives are not filled with the daily horror of unrelenting violence prepare to dance and clink in the changes, we should think of those whose lives are so inflicted with such man-made suffering. Only by standing firm against the madnesses being rained upon our fellow human beings by those in power can we hope to bring about any changes.

archived on Sunday, 30 December, 2007

Civilisation & What Future…?
As Christmas again approaches it is customary to reflect on the past year and to think of friends and loved ones and those less fortunate than ourselves. As John Lennon penned: And so this is Christmas, And what have you done? Another year over, and a new one just begun.
  The reality is that friends and loved ones are dying in wars across the globe—wars that have been orchestrated not by the people but by politicians and despots who remain further removed
than anyone from the scenes of conflict, suffering and death. And the less fortunate are often left to die by the roadside as thought their ill-fortune is their own fault.
  There are those who continue to plan for the future as if everything is dandy and rosy and Father Time is standing waiting with open arms for their progress.
  But where and what is that future? Regardless of the pussyfooting vocal appeasements currently being practiced between armed nations around our planet while those very nations are in states of active war, we are probably closer to the onset of global war and the very real threat of the wide scale use of nuclear weaponry than at any time in our modern history, including the Cuba missile crisis of 1962.
  And then there is global warming and climate change. Over the past decade we have witnessed its growing dramatic effects and these effects will increase in both frequency and severity, much like an avalanche that begins from a relatively small impetus but which develops calamitous side effects in its passing.
  The question of whether civilisation and humanity—or life as we know it—has a future is not an idle nor a scare mongering one. It is about our very survival.
  Perhaps this should be the overall focus of our Christmas reflections.

  Perhaps too we should give thought to the wars being waged by empirical powers in countries beyond their borders and waged under the pretext of combating ‘terrorism’. Empirical powers throughout history have enjoyed but one end result alike—the destruction of their empires.
   If someone forced their way into your home and started telling you what you should and should not do, with the underlying threat of violence against you if you did not comply, would you sit back and welcome them with open arms? Or would you mount a defence against your own liberty?
  It is easy to visit the colourful Christmas shops and forget about the realities around us in the world of today.
  But unless we do so, Christmas may one day be a thing of the past for us all and not just for those forced to live in oppression and denial of freedom.

archived on Sunday, 16 December, 2007

Iraq—What Possible Answer?
Occupation service personnel, armed opposition personnel and civilians continue to be maimed and killed in the ongoing war against ‘terrorism’, publicised by the main coalition administrations as a war to bring ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ to Iraq and Afghanistan.
   Service personnel within the occupation coalition believe they are part of a liberation crusade bringing the west’s defined ‘freedoms’ to the countries they serve in.
  The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have now continued longer than Word War II and there is still no clearer vision of such freedom to those living or deployed in either country, although the administrations of the western coalition broadcast a different story. Meanwhile the roadside bombs and suicide bombings and armed hostilities continue on all sides.
  The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have one aim in common—control of the region to safeguard access to its resources. One can only wonder what might happen should a foreign army invade the United States with a view to removing its administration and replacing it with its own set of values. Would those who took up arms in defence of their way of life be considered ‘insurgents’, ‘rebels’ or ‘terrorists’?
  Short of total annihilation of the indigenous populations of the occupied countries, both wars are unwinnable. Lives will continue to be lost to no avail other than the continuation of the unattainable materialistic dreams of those responsible for pursuing them.
  It appears that the bulk of world leaders today are doing nothing more than inexorably pushing the world to the brink of World War III.

and 6,273 SERIOUSLY INJURED As of July 2004

Figures vary from 76,662 to 785,957 IRAQI CIVILIANS KILLED
and 1,414,723 SERIOUSLY INJURED June 2007

As of October 1 2007, there were 30,294 military victims of accidents and diseases so serious they had to be medically sent out of Iraq.


Nannie’s gonna keep you healthy & clean
The latest UK nannie state laws making it ‘illegal’ to smoke whilst driving beggars belief beyond all description. How long will it be before people are told that drivers cannot speak to passengers and vice versa for fear of ‘distraction’? Or cannot play music, or cannot use the GPS system to navigate on the roads.
  This is not just an affront to anything that hangs onto any remote resemblance to civil liberties in the UK, it is a direct and blatant attack on the freedom of the individual. Do the fat slobs who sit in Government really know anything?

archived on Monday, 12 November, 2007

What PM left out of Queen’s Speech
Gordon Brown has delivered the draft of his first Queen’s Speech setting out his Government’s schedule for ‘reform’.
   Among other things in the speech Mr Brown referes to:

  • A Bill ... to ensure that young people stay in education or training until age 18, and to provide new rights to skills training for adults; and ‘
  • My Government wants all children to have the best possible start in life;
  • There will be a Bill to improve services for vulnerable children and young people, including those in care.
  • My Government will bring forward proposals to help people achieve a better balance between work and family life; and
  • My Government will continue to work to build a prosperous and secure European Union, better able to respond to the challenges of globalisation. Legislation will be brought forward to enable Parliament to approve the European Union Reform Treaty.
  These matters seem vastly at odds with proposals mentioned by Mr Brown over the previous few weeks. The young person’s proposed Bill will include legislation to fine teenagers under 18 who are unemployed or who are not in education or training. It is hard to see how that equates with providing the foundation to either the best possible start in life or to achieve a better balance between work and family life.
  Regarding Europe, Mr Brown’s moves to make it compulsory for all travellers to and out of the UK to show their passports contradicts the EU’s policy of free movement of people throughout the EU. Britain, it seems, still believes in its defunct Empire days and wants to have its cake and eat it too. It has constantly evaded EU policy that it considers ‘awkward’ while embracing anything that it considers it can benefit by. It will be interesting to see if Portugal’s Minister for Home Affairs, Rui Pereira makes any reference to this when he presidea at the JHA Council's area of Internal Affairs, and is due to address, with his counterparts, the free movement of people in Europe.

archived on Sunday, 11 November, 2007

Freedom’s just another word…
o longer should there be any doubts in anyone’s mind that individual freedoms in the so-called free world are under greater attack and erosion than ever since the end of World War II. Laws have been passed in the US giving US security services powers to intercept all telephone calls, internet traffic and emails made by foreign citizens across US-based networks. There have been no objections raised by foreign authorities, including the EU.
  In the UK, where the world’s largest collection of individual’s DNA data is already on record, a judge has called for the entire UK population including foreign visitors to be put on the database. The suggestion has been supported by members of Government.
  In the majority of democratic countries citizens must ask local or national authorities for permission to stage demonstrations or protests for even the simplest of complaints or objections. It all makes George Orwell’s 1984 appear almost juvenile in scope.
  And as we remember another anniversary of the World Trade Centre attacks, this is now all being promulgated in the name of post 9/11 security. It is an insult to and nullifies the brave actions of the many men and women who in earlier times gave their service and often their lives in the belief that they were safeguarding the freedoms of their own and future generations.
  Yet perhaps the most obnoxious attack on free speech is the closing down of former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray’s website by UK hosting company Fasthosts after the company was threatened with legal action by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov in a bid to silence any negative portrayal of his person.

archived on Saturday, 15 September, 2007

Right Winge Liberalism
here should not really be any accusation of discrimination or even any issue over whether a practicing Sikh should be entitled to wear a turban as part of the uniform of any national state body such as the military, police, fire or medical services.
  If someone wished to wear a purple fez as part of his or her police uniform that person would be surely and politely informed as to the realities. A designated uniform is just that.
  Those whose inherited customs contravene the customs of the country of their residence should either accept the customs they live within or relocate to a country where those customs serve as the norm.
  To make an issue of this is to draw liberalism to a ridiculous level.

archived on Tuesday, 21 August, 2007

Granny’s Monster Mash
he British nanny state is well on track, it appears. The fact that a 16-year-old schoolgirl should be banned by her school from wearing a purity ring symbolising her commitment to her own religious beliefs is itself stupid enough. The fact that a High Court ruling then upheld the ban on appeal drives an already inane ruling to an even higher level of absurdity. Those behind such stupidity should be walking the streets with heads bowed in abject shame.
  But then, George Orwel’s ominous predictions of the future were glorified as imaginitive writing and little more, with no real attention to the realities enshrined in the thinking.


Shell & Profit v ?
The on-going fiasco of the Shell pipeline development in County Mayo, Ireland  is a stark reminder of just how ruthless the impact of greedy profit-motivated conglomerates can be.
  It has become increasingly difficult for the ordinary citizen to learn how the oil and subsequently pipeline and refinery companies were granted access by government to residential, farm and EU designated protective land without any financial profits from the process earmarked for the benefit of the local community or the citizens of the country itself.
  A report by an international fact-finding delegation documents serious misdoing in how civil protests were handled by the authorities and makes a number of recommendations. However, it is difficult to see how any recommendations may be implemented without the intervention of an independent, external agency empowered to enforce its deliberations on the issues.
  Aside from the environmental issues arising from the proposals, people will be forced from their homes by the project and others will lose their livelihood with no recompense being offered by the companies or others set to profit or benefit by the scheme.
  Where is any offer of fair financial settlement to those whose lives will be inescapably interfered with should the proposals go through to completion?


The Rules Of The Road
Over one third of all European motor accident deaths are aged between 18 and 25, according to figures released by the European Union during the past month. Ireland—with one of the lowest populations of EU states—has the highest number of annual road accident deaths throughout the EU.
  Ireland's Green Party has said that it wants to introduce driver safety lessons in schools. This is all well and good for introducing basic theoretical knowledge but alone is insufficient to increase driver safety with noticeable effect.
   Cars are now much speedier and many young drivers are attracted to the dreamlike thrill of owning such a vehicle and speeding around cities, towns and villages as well as countryside roads. Add the growing popularity of turbo boosted cars and the recipe is ripe for disaster. Young drivers lack the necessary on-road experience to handle such cars, despite their belief and confidence that they can.
  The only way to make drivers and the roads safer is to restructure the whole approach to the driving licence.
  Any driver must become familiar with a particular vehicle's operational qualities before he or she can be said to be capable of safely driving that vehicle. Making it compulsory for new drivers to spend a significant number of hours behind the wheel of different cars, at a suitable location such as an abandoned airfield where they might come to understand the operational qualities of vehicles before ever being allowed onto the public road system would vastly improve driver quality.
  And this alone is also not enough. What must also be tackled is the attitude of young drivers. No amount of schooling will change a hotheads desire to race behind the wheel or to think that they are ‘good drivers’.
  The only sure way towards nurturing safer new drivers is to limit the type of vehicle they are permitted to legally drive until they can demonstrate their ability to safely handle their vehicle and remain within legal driving boundaries.
  Like maximim engine cc limits are placed on learner motorcyclists in some countries, similar restrictions should be enforced on all new car drivers, with the relaxation of such restrictions dependant on a set number of driving hours reached and a demonstrable level of safe driver ability.
  There must also be a much greater importance given to ensuring that drivers’ knowledge and application of the enforceable legalities of the Highway Code is of sufficient standard.
  To attempt to tackle driver safety in any other way would be half-hearted and foolhardy.

archived on Tuesday, 3 July, 2007 1:07 AM

Where the system fails
othing is a given right in life except our right to freedom providing that our actions do not cause intentional or unintentional harm to another or others.
  The murders of two young girls in Wexford and the deaths of their mother and father, Ciara and Adrian Dunne in what appears to have been a suicide pact demands the question why no-one acted on things said to police or social services.
  The fact that the young father and mother both went to a funeral parlour and made arrangements for a family funeral—facts also know to his own mother—should spark the questions as to why neither police or social services took action over this, particularly since Mr Dunne’s brother James had committed suicide in recent weeks and so the family would have been known to social services. It is reported that the undertaker had contacted police after the mother and father made their visit to make the funeral arrangements.
  Mrs Dunne was found strangled and Mr Dunne was found hanging in the hall of the family home. The two daughters Shania and Leanne, had been suffocated.
  It is reported that members of the mother's family had earlier travelled from Donegal to Wexford because of their concerns for the safety of the family and had reported their concerns to police and “others in authority”.
  Any investigation into the tragedy will be meaningless unless full attention is given to address these questions

archived on Thursday, 15 March, 2007 10:51 PM

Star Wars = Rats Wars
Anyone with a basic level of intelligence might reasonably conclude that the human race is still entrenched in a dark age of its own creation.
   Money spent throughout the centuries by nations to arm themselves either for hostilities or for defence against the hostility of other nations could have transformed this world into a paradise for all who live upon it.
  Wishful thinking, yes. Reality, yes.
  It is recognised that any important scientific invention has been used in war before in the majority of instances it has been used to benefit the population through peaceful deployment—although there is the argument that use through war has been for the progress of peace.
  With the move towards the European deployment of the US anti-ballistic missile defence system—Star Wars 2—the lunacy moves another step onwards.
  Nations are now beginning to dramatically wake up to the reality of global warming and its awful consequences. Be it caused by human activity or natural events—one scientists theorised that the world is moving out of a mini-ice age—global warming is real, rising sea levels are happening and the world terrain is altering.
  Severe water shortages are forecast for the middle east regions and despite the wealth of some of those countries no desalination plants have been, or are planned, along the coasts. Water will become a scarce commodity.
  Perhaps we will never pass out of our infancy as a species.


Of Crime and Punishment
here is something starkly unpalatable in the announcement by UK home secretary John Reid that two new prisons are to be built to cope with the worst ever overcrowding of UK jails. Britain now has the highest per capita prison population in Europe.
   We would expect more from a developed nation than knee-jerk reactions built upon unsubstantial comments such as the “public wanted more people in prison for their own safety”.
  More and more we are seeing the use by government of innacurate use of ‘fact’ to justify an end. A perfect example of this is the forthcoming smoking ban—built upon the unproven yet postulated possibility that passive smoke is harmful. The truth is far from this distorted version of reality.
  The end can never justify the means if those means are deployed purely to accomplish a given end that is built on uncertain foundations.
  There are thousands of people in prison in the UK who should not have been sent to jail in the first place. Unless and until such issues are dealt with the associated problems will continue to grow.
  And this does not tackle the fact that in a growingly unequal society more people will be pushed into situations whereby they will be categorised as criminals and dealt with as such.
  To help straighten out such distorted circumstances we require a mainstream media that is once more capable of impartially examining issues of the day and not kow-towing to and redistributing propaganda.


When Freedom turns Sour
orty-five years ago in the UK of the mid-60s puzzled conversations revolved around the erosion of civil liberties in the UK and that talk was interspersed with worry that Britain was sliding into a police state.
  Since those days of blossoming flower power and hippies, the drift towards nanny-state indoctrination and control has inexorably outpaced the development of real civil freedoms.
  The erosion of those freedoms has multiplied many dozen-fold in the last decade and has been explained away through reasons that attempt to extol upon us that such things are being done for our own benefit.
  In the last six years, many observers had drawn attention to the overseas military action of the UK—and other nations—and how the motive for that action has been designated as in the cause of peace, despite the loss of countless lives through war.
  It remains unequivocal that neither Afghanistan nor Iraq declared war against the rest of the world and yet dozens of nations are now continuing to commit troops to an armed invasion of those countries.
  When Iraq, under the leadership of Saddam Hussein, invaded Kuwait, other countries, including the UK, reacted by fighting a war of freedom and pushing the invaders from Kuwait. The motives for that reaction might be oilier than clear cut.
  Oil is needed because as a species we simply have not devoted adequate resources to providing an alternative. Enough cash has now been committed by western nations to wars in the middle east over the past 20 years to provide luxury homes for every living person in the world.
   Those who are fearful of looking this fact in the face will often blindly immerse themselves in their own sense of security, not realising how false its foundations have become.
  Where such people are part of an administrative system, that sense of security rests on the control of those whom they fear might be a threat to their security. And so we have the growth in the erosion of civil liberties and freedoms.
  It really is a matter of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

archived on Friday, 16 February, 2007 12:43 PM

Firmly on the Road to Hell
"It has enabled China to create a cadre of experts that will be building ever more advanced aircraft over the next 50 years."
The above statement was made by Rick Fisher, an ‘expert on the Chinese military’ and vice president of the International Strategy and Assessment Centre, a research institute based in Alexandria, Virginia, US. His comment related to China’s unveiling of its new fighter jet, the J-10.
  But wait. With the way things are developing in our world today, does anyone seriously believe that we will still be around as a cohesive species in a further 50 years? And perchance that we miraculously are, that we will be at all interested or even able to make more advanced aircraft?
  We are continuing to hear people throughout our world glibly talk each day of nations that are building up their military to be on a par with their financial status in the world.
  In the same breath and on the adjoining columns of our newspapers war is spoken of as if it is
just an inconsequential aspect of our days.
  The individual has in reality become less important to the blasé beasts of materialism than a piece of dirt picked up on a shoe. Such beasts even fail to recognise that they too are, just like all of us, one of us.
  Can there seriously be a positive future for such an ill-inclined species?
  Unless we are as a whole species prepared to heed the words of wisdom that yet remain available to us, we will irrevocably lock the door to our own prison cell in Armageddon.

archived on Monday, 5 February, 2007 0:02 AM

Just who is the EU?
The EU has recently issued a statement condemning China for launching an anti-satellite missile that destroyed a Chinese satellite in space.
  It may be pertinent for the conscientiously minded to question just who the EU is and what, or rather whom, it represents. The EU cannot be voted in, neither can it be voted out. Individual politicians, or MEPs as they have become known, can be put into or out of office through their national constituency votes. However, should they be voted out, their vacancy will immediately be filled with another EU political representative. In essence, the EU has become an autonomous body certainly beyond the reproaches and possibly the influences of the national origins of its elected members.

  While condemning China for its actions the EU is progressing daily towards a multi-national European military defence in addition to a unilateral European police force.
  Nobody can or should expect to be able to retain their cake intact and eat it too, or to burn the midnight candle at both ends without something going amiss.
  Hypocrisy is a widespread denominator in our world today and the word hypocrisy means stating a belief in one thing whilst practicing the opposite.
  Such actions will not reap rewards. They will only broaden the minds of those who remain committed to true development in our world.
  Perhaps the EU could learn something from an old English saying.
  Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
  We all live in a glass house. It is more commonly known by the term planet earth.


America’s cosmeticized Auschwitz
he free world should no longer tolerate the existence of Guantanamo Bay. It should no longer tolerate the lies of the current US administration with regard to the on-going wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  In February 2001 General Powell assured America—and the watching world—that Iraq had not developed weapons of mass destruction, nor was Iraq in a position to use long range missiles.
  In July of the same year Condoleezza Rice made the same comments on national US television.
  Yet following the events of 11 September 2001—events themselves made possible by the previous support of Saddam Hussein’s regime by the US and Britain—the earlier statements of both Powell and Rice were buried in obfuscation.
  We are being led to believe that the bombing of nations by a coalition acting in the name of ‘peace and democracy’ and the resulting horror though violence is acceptable while similar acts by ‘terrorists’ is unacceptable. We are being led up the garden path, but instead of a homely garden shed at the end there is an asylum housing the sane and staffed by the insane.
  We are indeed witnessing a march to madness by those who lack the courage to admit to wrong and to acknowledge the damage being done as a result.
  Politicians who nonchalantly speak of and sanitize war to support their own goals and who send their citizens to fight in them are the enemies of the world. Until we learn to differentiate between peace and war we will be on a continuing downward spiral

archived on Friday, 12 January, 2007 9:25 PM

When Lies Face Reality
So Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has now issed as statement warning countries which have criticised the hanging of Saddam Hussein that his government could review relations with them. Well, let him. Let him also remember that he is there in his country’s parliament by the grace of God—something his country forgot in the execution of its former leader, as misguided as that man may have been.
  The Iraqi Prime Minister today said Saddam Hussein's execution was a "domestic affair" and warned countries which have criticised the hanging that his government could review relations with them.
   In a speech marking Army Day, Nouri Maliki said that Saddam Hussein had received a fair trial and that his execution on 30 December was for the benefit of Iraq's unity. Leaked footage showing images of Shia officials taunting Saddam on the gallows has angered his fellow Sunni Arabs and increased sectarian tension.
  This website disputes the realities of official versions of the news. If Iraq’s Prime Minister fails to heed that message, then so be it. There is nothing more telling than the Truth.


Ring out the old...
As we move into 2007, we can only hope that the coming 12 months bring greater measures of peace, security and happiness into the world than we have witnessed during the closing year.
  However, until humanity as a whole accepts that we are all of one origin and all born to the one God;, that violence, greed, indifference and inequality are the enemies of us all, we cannot hope to see real progress.
  Until we are somehow able to tackle these fundamental issues that divide humanity, our troubles will continue unabated, exacerbated by the realities of global disintegration brought about by devastating issues such as global warming and AIDS.


Britain’s Paranoia Culture
Britain’s Hazel Blears, the Labour Party chair, has said that she does not believe that loosening the licensing laws would “halt Britain's drinking culture”. She has suggested Britons “enjoy getting drunk because they enjoy risk-taking”.
  Britons have been drinking beer for centuries. It is a national tradition on a par with Norway and the other Scandinavian countries, with whom Britons have ties going back to the Viking invasions of the eighth century AD and later the Norman invasion and conquest of 1066—the Normans themselves descendants of the Vikings who had settled in the northern reaches of France, hence Normandy.
  To suggest that Britons enjoy getting drunk because they enjoy risk taking is sheer balderdash and an insult to every ordinary citizen who enjoys spending time at a pub—which remains the most common form of socialising in the UK.
  Blears’ comments reflect the Nanny state mentality of the current government of the UK, which appears hell bent on dictating how people should, according to the government’s preconception, live their lives with scant regard for individual freedom.
  But then this vision of Britain’s so called “drinking culture”, together with the witch hunt against smokers, both have their roots in common territory—the perceived loss of GNP and the detraction to the economy and well being of the nation as a result.
  However, the well being of the nation no longer provides well being to its mass population, rather it succours the rich and has long done so.
  What this, and future governments should wake up and realise is that the normally placid and somewhat malleable Briton will only stand up to so much dictatorial nonsense before revolting. And when that happens, ruling politicians will have but two choices—to call in and instruct the military to turn and bear arms against their own people, or to kiss their manipulative control goodbye.


The clock stops for ousted Iraqi President
Saddam Hussein moments before his death on the gallows at 0600 (0300GMT)The death sentence imposed against former Iraq President Saddam Hussein at his trial for gross violation of human rights was carried out within hours of the former dictator being handed over to the Iraqi authorities by the US. He was executed by hanging shortly after 6am (0300 GMT).
  “In a final moment of defiance, he refused a hood to cover his eyes”, said an Associated Press report. Yet surely “defiance” should read “bravery” for a human being standing facing the gallows with a rope around his neck.
   His trial however cannot be said in all honesty to have been conducted by an Iraqi court where that country is currently a state occupied by foreign forces.
  Hussein was convicted of human rights abuses in relation to the killings of 148 Shias in Dujail, north of Baghdad, after a failed assassination attempt against him as former Iraqi leader in 1982.
  In the Ohio Kent State killings on 4 May 1970 of four anti-Vietnam war students who were taking part in a protest against the bombing of Cambodia, no-one was ever charged or brought to book, from the State Governor James Rhodes who called in the National Guard to the then President Nixon who would have had to give his authorisation for the presence of the troops. There is clearly a contradiction here in terms of morality. And it matters not if the State murders one or 1,000 citizens—murder is murder.
  In a sane world, someone as globally influential as President Bush would acknowledge that in ousting Saddam Hussein, he acted out of what he believed was correct at the time. He should have then rejected the execution of Hussein out of humanitarian principle and urged his imprisonment. To do otherwise is to act the same as those accused and sentenced.
  This comment will not explore the background to who put Saddam Hussein into such a position whereby he could wield such barbarism against his fellow men. Instead it calls upon readers to exercise their thoughtful analysis of the realities of what is taking place in our world today.
  “The charge of which Hussein has been convicted—a reprisal for an attempt on his life—is standard operating procedure for the US military in Iraq, which has mercilessly bombed and strafed buildings and villages suspected of harbouring anti-occupation insurgents”.
  In an ironic twist given the circumstances and reason for the court; the trial and its outcome have both been criticised and condemned by human rights watchdogs. Before the sentencing session began, former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who was a member of Hussein‘s defence team, was ejected from the courtroom after handing the judge a note in which he called the trial a "travesty".
  The White House declaration of the sentence as “a milestone in Iraq's transition to a democracy” displays a travesty of thinking within the current American administration.
  In a comprehensive report last month, the New York-based Human Rights Watch condemned the verdict as unsound, saying the court had been guilty of so many shortcomings that a fair trial had been impossible.

  The EU had urged the Iraq government not to carry out the execution and issued a carefully worded statement through the Finnish news agency on Saturday.


The criminal as the scapegoat
peaking this week of a leaked government report, UK shadow home secretary David Davis said: “This secret report demonstrates what the government has been denying for years, that there is a massive shortage of prison places. That will mean more short prison sentences, more early releases and more dangerous criminals on our streets — and as a result more crime caused by the government’s inaction.”
  Mr Davis’s reference to “more dangerous criminals on our streets” displays the lack of grasp that politicians have towards the realities of our society. Rather that focus on searching for a victim to blame, energy might be better spent on questioning why in our society we have people who in the first place are driven to commit crime.
  In a world of equality, the motive factors behind by far the majority of crime would be absent. There will always be those who are greedy for more and will pursue the avenues of criminal activity to achieve their goals. It is such people who could be described as criminals.
  Mr Davis should himself spend a few weeks in prison and get to meet and properly understand some of the people who are locked behind bars in the UK.

archived on Monday, 26 January, 2009

Lies cannot shroud the truth of Gaza
srael took an arrogant and unforgivable step in sticking two fingers up to the world and maintaining that there is ‘no humanitarian crisis in Gaza’. The country’s leaders have lied to themselves, to their people and to the world.
  If a lie is told often and long enough, those unaccustomed to anything else will eventually begin to believe in it. These days it is referred to as political “spin”.
  Among other arrogant mannerisms, Israel‘s refusal to permit entry of foreign journalists into Gaza demonstrates its leadership’s utter disdain of others.
  The humanitarian crisis in Gaza goes back over four decades. People do not fight for the sake of fighting. They fight because something is wrong. They fight for their freedom. Sometimes it is for their very survival.
  Those in denial of this are those who stand to benefit from lies, or are simply ignorant of reality.
  In the UK, Gordon Brown’s latest spin comment: "We will do everything that we can to prevent the arms trafficking that is at the root of some of the problems that have caused the conflict," confuses the issue further and does nothing to reflect the reality of the Palestinian crisis.
  A sample of today's international headlines include: Five Israeli boats force Spirit of Humanity to turn back in international waters; Israel shells UN HQ destroying aid supplies; Attack on UN a 'grave mistake'; War in Gaza: UN aid compound set alight ‘by phosphorus shells’, and: Food, medicine destroyed as Israeli forces attack Gaza UN compound
  Israel would do well to recall the ghettos of Warsaw and Berlin. Would the country’s leaders agree if the rest of the world said that the ghettos were not each a humanitarian crisis of gigantic proportion?



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