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Survival or Extinction: Part NineŚConceal and Deceive       printable version
11 Nov 2014: posted by the editor - Features

Survival or Extinction: Part Nine—Conceal and Deceive - summary
By Kevin Mugur Galalae
Since global concerns are antithetical to national interests they will forever be outside the narrow focus of national assemblies. Matters of global concern fall under the purview of global governance and trump all national interests. Global autocracy trumps and often undermines national democracy.  

In turn, the United Nations and its agencies as well as the national bureaucracies of wealthy nations act as a counterforce to unbridled private wealth by regulating corporate, industry and banking entities to ensure that their power is limited to accomplishing public policy goals. 

This system is ideally suited to shatter the old world of nation states and their narrow interests and to construct the new world of global unity and interests. To survive our emancipation from a national to an international system and from an industrial to a post-industrial era without exhausting the earth’s resources, killing one another, and destroying all life on earth, the international community must succeed in accomplishing these four major objectives: globalization, digitization, sustainability, and depopulation.  

Think of human civilization as a living organism, wherein economics is its cardiovascular system (heart), politics its central nervous system (brain), ecology its respiratory system (lungs), and people its motor system (limbs). 

Globalization is the economic remedy to a cardiovascular system that is being patched up from the disparate parts of independent nation states to a global whole. 

The rationale is simple; resources are unevenly distributed but universally needed. Some countries are resource rich while others are resource poor. That oil belongs to the world and not just to Saudi Arabia. Globalization makes every natural resource a global resource that cannot be monopolized by any single nation but can instead flow freely through the cardiovascular system of the global economy by being made available on the free market to the highest bidder so it can be put to maximum use for the benefit of all. Globalization also ensures that everyone’s money is recognized and exchangeable and that all nations can bid for natural resources on the free market. 

It is also driven by the complexity of our advanced civilization, which demands resources from all corners of the world. Global policy makers, however, are not ignoring the problem. Only a centrally-controlled digital currency can be devoid of biases and prejudices and used to secure enough purchasing power for all 7 billion people on earth and the global and strategic redistribution of wealth created by giant corporate entities so as to prevent mass starvation and conflict during this age of chronic and growing unemployment at a time of growing demand for limited natural resources already exploited to the limit. As the developing world becomes developed, which it must if it is to acquire the same standard of living as the developed world, and people are displaced from the land and pushed into the cities, unemployment grows by leaps and bounds and more people are rendered obsolete and become redundant in a global economic system that has use for only a fraction of them. The only way to maintain global stability during this period of transition to a global and unified system is to switch to a global digital currency without delay. Only then will the global cardiovascular system be complete. Without a global digital currency the global cardiovascular system will be incapable to pump enough goods and services effectively and worldwide. 

Furthermore, if resources are to be distributed without prejudice globally, every country must abdicate national control of its resources to multinational corporations. Without a global digital currency the world’s 7 billion people will not be able to have purchasing power parity and their economic wellbeing will be forever subject to manipulation by bankers, currency traders, and capitalists who will seek to exploit national differences, pit workers in developing against workers in developed nations, and profit from speculation.  

The system must be fine-tuned to be humane and serve more than just the material needs of people.  

Digitization is the political remedy to a central nervous system that is being patched up from the disparate parts of independent nation states to a global whole.

Digitization enables the storage of all human generated knowledge, its free flow and free access, and its rapid and cheap dissemination. 

If globalization is to provide the material necessities to every human being on the planet by acting as its cardiovascular system, digitization acts as its central nervous system by providing every human being with the knowledge necessary to partake in civilization.   

The brain stores the world’s knowhow, while the nervous system transfers and collects data to and from all parts of the world. The World Wide Web in this analogy is the nervous system of human civilization, collecting and transferring data on the information highway. There can be no equality of opportunity for individuals and no equal playing field for nations unless the information highway reaches every corner of the world and every human being on earth has equal access to it. It is this understanding that propels the vast and rapid expansion of the telecommunications network and why high cellular phone charges in the developed world are used to subsidize the expansion of the information highway into the developing world. 

Yet the free flow and free access to information necessary in a globalized world poses several problems for the stability and health of the system. Secondly, the United Nations, which is being legitimized as the collective brain of the world receives information from the four corners of the world but lacks the ability to have its orders carried out on the ground because national authorities and their narrow interests are at odds with the international authority of the United Nations and its global interests. Only a global democratic government operating with full transparency and in compliance with the highest standards of international law could provide the brain power, honesty, accountability and chain of command necessary for a just and fair globalized world. Absent justice and fairness, global unity will not endure. 

Sustainability is the ecological remedy to a respiratory system that is being patched up from the disparate parts of independent nation states into a global whole. 

Sustainability enables human civilization to endure and remain healthy. In my analogy with the human body, the lung of the developed world is ten times larger than that of the developing world even though the population is ten times larger in the developing world than it is in the developed world. This imbalance in the respiratory system of the world causes serious problems within civilization.

This causes serious problems between civilization and nature.  

Too many people, consuming too many resources, beyond Earth’s carrying capacity, at the cost of biodiversity, and with dire impact on the planet’s life-support systems shatter the viability of sustainable development.

Depopulation is the man-made remedy to a motor system that is being patched up from the disparate parts of independent nation states to a global whole.

The analysis above shows us that the brain, heart, lungs and limbs of our incipient global civilization are not fully formed and still dysfunctional. The world seen from the stratospheric heights of global governance need not be cold. 

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Killing Us Softly: Causes and Consequences of the Global Depopulation Policy is considered by the author to be important in understanding the content of Survival or Extinction. Likewise a second book, Chemical and Biological Depopulation is also considered important to understanding. You can download both as a zipfile here 

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