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Survival or Extinction: Part Ten—Crisis of Leadership       printable version
17 Nov 2014: posted by the editor - Features

Survival or Extinction: Part Ten—Crisis of Leadership - summary
By Kevin Mugur Galalae
If you cannot wage wars of aggression on weaker neighbors because the international community will not tolerate it and the risks of assured mutual destruction are too great, you are forced to wage war on your own people’s reproductive systems to ensure that your population does not outgrow the available resources and can live within the national means.  This form of self-discipline and the political paradigm shift that goes along with it are the result of nuclear deterrence and, in equal measure, of America’s global leadership post-World War II.  

The limitations and self-serving nature of our religious and political leaders, who fail to speak openly about the dire realities of overpopulation and the need to dissolve national frontiers in order to share the world’s bounty without national, ethnic or religious prejudices, feeds the ignorance and base prejudices of the common man.

Prevent Births
Once the decision was made in 1945 to control population growth in order for countries to live within their means and thus prevent wars of necessity between nations, the international community began interfering with human fertility by covertly adulterating the basic elements of life, water and food, with endocrine disruptors, since they could not legislate family size restrictions due to insurmountable structural obstacles, namely: lack of birth control, the intractability of religious authorities with respect to allowing the use of abortions and contraceptives, and the un-electability of politicians advocating population control.

Having ended up with inverted population pyramids and thus with economically unsustainable social conditions, the architects of the New World Order are now forced to cut off the wings of the inverted population pyramids they have created and thus reduce the lifespans of the baby boom generation before the heavy social entitlements the old demand crush society. Staged nuclear accidents as a method of shortening lifespans predates the invention of chemical spraying from the air, which was not conceived until 1995. 

It reached the last stage of the demographic transition in the early 1980s. In combination with similar measures across the developed world, the overall effect of this desperate measure will ensure that the burden the citizens of the developed world are on the planet is eased until such time as the global population stabilizes at a sustainable level.    

Most importantly, Alstom dominates the French nuclear market and is supplying the world’s newest and largest nuclear power plants in China and India, the two most populous nations on earth and the only two nations that have refused to adopt chemical and biological population control methods and who have instead used legislation (China) and coerced surgical sterilization (India) in order to comply with the UN’s demands and address their demographic problems. 

France being a rather reluctant and quasi-independent NATO member, the French government has sheltered its population from chemtrailing, which makes the country’s 58 nuclear units, all of them equipped with Alstom steam turbines, primary targets of an engineered nuclear disaster for population control purposes in the last stage of the demographic transition, which France, along with the rest of Europe, has reached a few years ago and is as a result beginning to experience serious financial problems due to unsustainable social entitlements.  

Artificial Scarcity
The population extremes that pose the greatest burden on society and are seen as deadweights—namely the old and the infirm in the developed world and the abjectly poor in the developing world—are in this fashion eliminated with surgical accuracy and minimal cost. 

Crisis Of Leadership
The mass murder perpetrated on the unsuspecting civilian population of the world, paradoxically for the sake of peace, could be avoided if the demographic transition would be pursued openly, with the people’s cooperation, reluctant or voluntary, as done by China, rather than covertly, without the people’s knowledge or consent, as done by the rest of the world under the coordination of the UN and the direction of the three allied powers: the US, Russia and the UK.

We also need politicians who actually understand global conditions and who care about the world and comprehend that now more than ever the wellbeing of their people depends on global cooperation and coordination.   

The Vatican would rather blame the UN then change its stance on contraceptives, which would free secular authorities to pursue population control through legislation. The UN bureaucrats and technocrats would rather vilify the Vatican than ask the national politicians who appointed them and who pay their wages to show leadership and legislate population control. Only we the people can give them the courage, freedom and incentive to legislate population control. Only we the people can widen their horizons far enough to include the world. 

Third, we must get national politicians across political parties to openly demand the elimination of covert methods of population control from the UN while at the same time call for legislation to overtly limit family size. Fourth, we must force the international community—i.e. the UN and its agencies as well as the national leaders of each and every UN member state—to make a global announcement that population control and resource sharing are international security prerogatives that must be accomplished at all cost. Last and most importantly, we, the people of the world, must unite behind a single global plan. The international community cannot change course and can certainly not stop its current depopulation measures unless and until they are replaced with open methods that are fair and equal and also at least as effective as the current methods. 

Fundamentally, it is the absence of leadership that has prevented a change of course from covert to overt methods of population control and resource sharing. To make sure that we work together rather than kill each other, I will now eviscerate the exit strategy the military-industrial complex and the international community have cultivated for the past six decades in expectation of a time when the truth will surface and the people of the world will awaken to the horror that their own elected governments and military forces have been waging a secret and desperate war on the reproductive abilities of the civilian population. 

Conversely, no truth can prevail without the absence of fear and our governments have a lot to fear; but speak the truth they must.  

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Killing Us Softly: Causes and Consequences of the Global Depopulation Policy is considered by the author to be important in understanding the content of Survival or Extinction. Likewise a second book, Chemical and Biological Depopulation is also considered important to understanding. You can download both as a zipfile here 

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