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New Study Highlights Child Abuse Cover Up
31 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - United Kingdom, Northern Ireland

A remarkable new study published today by Spinwatch with significant new information, has implications for the UK Goddard Inquiry into child sexual abuse. The study shows that during the 1970s, the General Medical Council in Britain, the RUC and British Metropolitan Police withheld from the public important information about Morris Fraser, a Belfast psychiatric doctor who was a serial paedophile.

Tags: Goddard inquiry, child sexual abuse, paedophilia

Dr Nora Khaldi of Nuritas represents Ireland at TEDxBinnenhof 'Ideas from Europe'
30 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Europe, European Union, Ireland

Dr Nora Khaldi, founder and CSO of Nuritas represents Ireland at the TEDxBinnenhof Ideas from Europe event in The Hague, in Holland tomorrow (Thursday 31 March).

Tags: TEDxBinnenhof Ideas from Europe

Terrorism and its roots
27 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Opinion

It is wearisome to continually read in the western mainstream media that the Muslim world is full of terrorists determined to launch attacks on the West.

Tags: Terrorism

Runaway Train - America's election and its inability to alter the nation's deadly course
26 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Features, International, United States

By John Chuckman
America is engaged in another of its sprawling and costly national election campaigns. A few of the events, such as the New Hampshire primary or the Iowa Caucus, I’m sure have participants seeing themselves as Thomas Jefferson’s sturdy yeomen doing their civic duty. But such humble and misty-eyed tableaux can be deceiving for the big picture is quite disturbing, including, as it does, billions of dollars spent and a lot of noise generated about things which will not change in any outcome.

Tags: American election.

Ireland secures over Euro250m in EU funding for Research and Innovation
25 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - European Union, Ireland

Over 580 projects with Irish participation have won a total of €251m in competitive funding from Horizon 2020, the European Union's programme for Research and Innovation.

Tags: EU Research funding, Horizon 2020

The lobby-tomy 3: who are lobbying?
23 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Features, Internet news, Europe, European Union

By Floris Kreiken, Bits of Freedom
Did you know that there are 340,000 dentists in Europe? And that they lobby about privacy? Who else lobbies? How do parties/groups create coalitions to persuade policy makers? What's the mayor of Amsterdam doing in Brussels? In this blog on the privacy lobby we describe the different parties that are lobbying.

Tags: European Data Protection

Danish government postpones plans to re-introduce session logging
23 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Human Rights, Internet news, Denmark

By Jesper Lund, IT-Pol
When the EU data retention Directive was transposed into national law after its adoption in 2006, Denmark implemented one of the most excessive transpositions into national law. Danish Internet service providers (ISPs) were required to retain session information (source and destination IP addresses, port numbers, session type e.g. TCP or UDP, and timestamp) for every 500th internet packet. In June 2014, the response of the Danish government to the data retention judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) was to uphold the national data retention law, but rules on session logging were repealed. The Ministry of Justice could no longer argue for the necessity of session logging when, after seven years of collecting detailed information about internet usage for the entire population, the Danish Police could only point to a single case, involving web banking fraud on a minor scale, where this information had been useful.

Tags: Internet user logging, privacy, surveillance

Loopholes creeping into Italian proposal on net neutrality
23 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Internet news, Italy

By Elisabetta Biasin, EDRi intern
The Italian legislative proposal on net neutrality is currently being discussed by the Italian Parliament. Notwithstanding general provisions on the equal treatment of traffic for Internet access services, its amended text contains loopholes and provisions that raise concerns. The text, now containing references to EU Regulation 2120/2015 on net neutrality (and mobile roaming), generally fails to address its main issues, including prioritisation of traffic. 

Tags: Net neutrality, Italy

Advocate General's opinion on free WiFi & copyright
23 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Internet news, European Union

By Paddy Leersen, EDRi intern
Last week, Advocate General Szpunar published his opinion in the McFadden-case before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).

Tags: Free Wifi, copyright

EDRi's input on violent extremism for UN Human Rights Commissioner
23 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Human Rights

By Maryant Fernández Pérez, EDRi
EDRi firmly condemns the Brussels terror attacks as well as other acts of violence and terrorism around the world. While acknowledging the importance of combating terrorism and violent extremism, EDRi is concerned about the disproportionate and misguided responses by certain UN countries in pursuit of this aim.

Tags: Violent extremism, terrorism, UN

End the terror-end the wars: IAWM
23 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Ireland, Belgium

The Irish Anti-War Movement has condemned the terrorist attacks in Brussels that left 31 people dead and many more injured and traumatised. 

Tags: Belgium bombing

Kazakhstan elections 'not credible'
19 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Journalism, Internet news, European Union, Kazakhstan

While Kazakhstan continues to hound and oppress independent media, the coming election can hold no credibility and is nothing more than a ‘farce’, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said today.

Tags: media censorship

Jailing of newspaper editor 'iniquitous'
18 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Venezuela

A four-year jail sentence imposed on Correo del Caron newspaper editor David Natera Febres has been described as iniquitous by press freedoms organisation Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

Tags: David Natera Febres, Press censorship, Correo del Caron

Call for Malaysia to respect media freedom
14 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Malaysia

Press freedom watchdog Reporters Without Borders has called on the Malaysian Prime Minister to take an active stand against encroaching press censorship.

Tags: Media censorship, Malaysia, Reporters Without Borders

Is 'privacy' still relevant in a world of bastard data?
09 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Features, Internet news, International

By Joe McNamee, EDRi
Should we still be talking about “privacy” in a world invaded by bastard data? We all knew what privacy was when it came to our data. We had our names and addresses, we had our store cards, we had our medical records, we had our insurance, we had our travel tickets, and the list goes on. Some companies and government agencies had that data to carry out some specific tasks and these data needed to be protected to avoid misuse.

Tags: Data protection, privacy

UK's mass surveillance law being rushed through legislative process
09 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Human Rights, European Union, United Kingdom

By Pam Cowburn, Open Rights Group
Last week, the UK government published the Investigatory Powers Bill, a new surveillance law that has been heavily criticised by privacy and free speech activists, the technology industry, lawyers and academics.

Tags: UK surveillance, Investigatory Powers Bill

Joint civil society statement on counter-terrorism and human rights
09 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Human Rights, International, European Union

By Theresia Reinhold, EDRi
On 1 March 2016 13 civil society organisations, including EDRi, Amnesty International, Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organisations (FEMYSO), European Association for the Defense of Human Rights (AEDH) and Fair Trials published a joint civil society statement called “Counter-terrorism: The EU and its Member States must respect and protect human rights and the rule of law”. 

Tags: Smartphone encryption

Do privacy and the open Internet cause gambling debt in Sweden?
09 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Internet news, Sweden

By Patrik Wallstrm, DFRI
In the middle of January, a mid-sized Swedish Internet Service Provider (ISP) called attention to access blocking proposals made by a Swedish government committee on gambling regulation.

Tags: Internet gambling

Italy: net neutrality law proposal under consideration
09 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Internet news, Italy

By Elisabetta Biasin, EDRi intern
On 8 July 2014, Italian MP Stefano Quintarelli submitted a law proposal which covers net neutrality, despite never mentioning those words. The draft law represents a positive input for network neutrality in Italy. This article explains why.

Tags: Net neutrality

Former undercover Met officer revealed to be training police in Australia
09 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Australia, United Kingdom

A former Metropolitan undercover police officer has been confronted by his former partner, campaigner Helen Steel. Steel had flown to Australia, where John Dines now has a role teaching police officers. David Shoebridge, Member of the New South Wales Legislative Council, today made a statement explaining Dines’ former undercover role to the parliament, and expressing grave concern about the educational position he now holds.

Tags: Metropolitan undercover police, Australian graduate School of Policing & Security

Migration crisis 'tearing Europe apart'
07 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Europe, European Union, Ireland

Ireland MEP Deirdre Clune has said the current migrant crisis is the biggest threat to Europe since World War 2 and needs an immediate and comprehensive response from EU member state governments. She called on EU leaders, meeting in Brussels today, to implement a raft of previously agreed actions to tackle and deal with the migrant crisis.

Tags: Migrant crisis, Europe

Saved to Memory: Lost to View - A Memoir in Prose and Verse
07 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Events, Local, Arts, Ireland

Saved to Memory: Lost to View is a memoir written in prose and verse by Michael Durack and the book is to be launched on Friday 11 March in Quay Arts, Killaloe.

Tags: Michael Durack, Limerick Writers' Centre

Is our atmosphere being poisoned?
07 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Environment, International

Social media is awash with chemtrail articles, comments and photographs from around the world.

Tags: chemtrail spraying

National newspaper Zaman placed under state control
04 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Journalism, Turkey

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has endorsed an Instanbul court decision to place leading daily Turkish newspaper Zaman under state control, a move that has drawn sharp rebuke and criticism from press freedoms organisation Reporters Without Borders.

Tags: Zaman, press repression

Ireland marks World Wildlife Day
02 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - International, Ireland

Ireland will tomorrow (Thursday) mark World Wildlife Day. World Wildlife Day is a United Nations initiative that coincides with the anniversary of the signature of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), an international agreement between governments to regulate international trade in wild species of animals and plants to ensure that their survival does not become threatened by such trade.

Tags: World Wildlife Day

Zika virus infection - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
01 Mar 2016; posted by the editor - Caribbean, St Vincent

On 25 February 2016, the National IHR Focal Point of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines notified PAHO/WHO of the country’s first case of Zika virus infection.

Tags: Zika virus

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